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Swag Off Road Portaband Modular Mounting System - Quick-Change Artist

Posted in Product Reviews on September 1, 2010
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Last month, we explored the versatility and ease of use that comes with the Milwaukee deep cut portable bandsaw. Swag Offroad offers a conversion kit to take that versatility to the next level.

The Swag Off Road Portaband Modular Mounting System converts your Milwaukee or DeWalt deep cut portable bandsaw into a benchtop vertical bandsaw. Obviously, the saw is not included. The heart of the system is a laser-cut mini table that's formed in a CNC press brake. The mini table can be bolted to your workbench or temporarily clamped in place. The foot switch is optional. It's very convenient and provides hands-free operation. You'll need to lock the saw's trigger after you've plugged it into the foot switch. If your saw doesn't have a trigger lock, you can temporarily hold the trigger down using a zip tie or spring clamp. The Swag Off Road Portaband Modular Mounting System is affordably priced, and costs a small fraction of a conventional vertical bandsaw.

Vertical bandsaws are prized for their ability to smoothly cut flat plate as well as tubing. Since the saw is stationary and the blade pushes the material against the supporting surface, cutting is controlled and precise. The downsides of a traditional vertical bandsaw are bulk and cost. That's where the Swag Off Road Portaband Modular Mounting System comes in.

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