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Off-Road Hardware - New Products - December 2010

Posted in Product Reviews on December 1, 2010
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Contributors: Patrick Vuong

Icon Upgrades the 3rd Generation 4Runner
The tight confines of the Toyota 4Runner's rear suspension make it tough to maximize suspension performance, but Icon Vehicle Dynamics has come through with a high-performance rear shock for the '96-to-'02 4Runner. Made in the USA.
•Shocks are 2.5 inches in diameter and available with or without a piggyback reservoir. They bolt on with zero other modifications required: no drilling, cutting, or welding.
•Shock valving is tuned to help eliminate body roll, and the shocks feature a "bump zone" in the last two inches of travel that increases bottoming resistance
For more information, contact:
Icon Vehicle Dynamics
(951) 689-ICON

Great News for Chevy HD Owners
Owners of '00-to-present Chevy 2500 and 3500 HD 4x4s now have a way to make their steering systems as strong as the rest of the truck. Pure Performance's Ultimate Chevy HD Steering replaces the skinny factory pieces with solid alloy steel.
•Factory ball joint tapers are used with this system so there's no need to drill out the factory tapers
•The system replaces the centerlink and the outer tie rods. Outer tie rods are made from 1.25-inch solid alloy steel and are guaranteed not to buckle and fail like the factory tie rods.
For more information, contact:
Pure Performance
(518) 270-9822

Easy Ingress
If you need an easier way to step into your '10 Toyota 4Runner, TranSender running boards from Owens Products might be the answer. Running boards are perfect for use around town and mild dirt adventures.
•Available in four styles. Each style features a full-length galvanized steel support
•Nine different lengths are offered so you can purchase length that best suits your needs. Custom and universal mounting brackets are sold separately.
For more information, contact:
Owens Products, Inc.
(800) 726-9367

Eagle Eye HIDs
Eagle Eye HID lights are an affordable alternative to higher-priced lights. They're available in 35- and 50-watt models and have an internal ballast that makes them easier to install.
•Choose between a painted steel or stainless steel housing
•Slim design makes it easy to mount in a confined space. The measurement from the center of the mounting bracket to the back of the light is less than 2 inches.
For more information, contact:
Eagle Eye Lights
(909) 392-0822

Can't Find Your Recovery Strap?
If you're constantly fishing for your recovery strap, Fourtreks and Off-Road Trail Tools have a solution for you. The system consists of a Fourtreks modular recovery strap mount and an Off Road Trail Tools recovery strap holder.
•The Fourtreks billet aluminum modular recovery strap mount is available to fit a variety of tubing sizes.
•The Off Road Trail Tools recovery strap holder is available in models to fit 2-inch- or 3-inch-wide recovery straps. Strap can be locked in the holder.
For more information, contact:
(818) 517-6145
Off Road Trail Tools
(520) 579-2079

An Onslaught of Quality
Benchmade makes some of the best knives available, and the 741 Onslaught is no exception. This is the first Bob Lum design to have the company's patented and innovative Axis Lock, mating form with function.
•This U.S.-made knife has a 154CM-stainless-steel blade with a modified clip point and ambidextrous thumb-hole opener.
•Handle is made of black G10 scales with 420J stainless-steel liners
For more information, contact:
Benchmade Knife Co.
(800) 800-7427

Velocity Billet Leveling Kits
Velocity Off-Road's leveling kits are CNC machined from billet aluminum. That means a precise fit and superior durability.
•Available for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, and Jeep applications
•Made from 6061 T-6 aluminum, Velocity leveling kits are also anodized stealth black and come with laser-etched graphics for a classy look
For more information, contact:
Velocity Off-Road Inc.
(888) 951-5438

Affordable Advanced Brake Control
Husky Towing Products now offers the Quest trailer brake control. The Quest's features make for safer towing, enabling more complete control over trailer brakes. Features normally reserved for more expensive units are standard-issue on the Husky Quest.
•Easy-to-adjust power buttons make operation simple and intuitive. Choose from 0-99 on the digital power scale
•Full power manual override activates the trailer's taillights for added safety. A quick-connect plug makes installation easy.
For more information, contact:
Husky Towing Products

Never Be Left Powerless
Ever been off-roading or camping out in the sticks and run out of batteries for your handheld GPS, smart phone, or camera? No electrical outlet in sight? Fear not. Kiwi Choice's U-Powered is a solar-powered/USB portable charger that can revive virtually any device on the go.
•Can recharge using sunlight, wall charger, car charger, or USB port
•Includes 11 connector tips, built-in LED flashlight, and magnetic feet
For more information, contact:
Kiwi Choice Inc.

Keep Your Injectors Flowing
Fast Fuel fuel injector cleaner from Prolong is designed to return engines to peak performance by removing carbon deposits from injector tips and maximizing the fuel spray pattern.
•Compatible with all grades of gasoline
•Easy to use: simply pour the entire bottle into a nearly-empty gas tank, and then fill the tank. Treats up to 20 gallons of gasoline. Use whenever misfiring or reduced fuel economy is detected.
For more information, contact:
Prolong Super Lubricants
(800) 540-LUBE

Equipe Balljoint Watch
Bring your automotive passion out of the garage with an Equipe watch. Each uses a Miyota/Citizen movement for deadly-accurate timekeeping. The casing is 316L surgical stainless steel, and the Balljoint, like all the Equipe auto-inspired watches, is water-resistant to 100 meters and backed by a one-year warranty.
•There are 15 styles to choose from in the Equipe auto-inspired series. The Balljoint is the top of the line.
•Comes with a VIN-style serial number and a tool-box style presentation box. High-tech 360-degree moveable lugs set the Balljoint apart from the rest of the collection.
For more information, contact:
Equipe Watches
(248) 896-0316

Swift Hitch Portable Backup Camera
Hitching up a trailer solo can be a daunting task. Back up, get out to check alignment and distance, get back in, back up a little more. Repeat the process until you're hitched. There's a better way. The Swift Hitch is a portable backup camera that lets you view what's going on behind the tailgate. It's hitching simplified.
•Magnetic base on tailgate camera means a no-drill installation, and it's easily removable for storage when you're not using it. Camera has automatic night vision for after-dark operations.
•The hand-held LCD screen can toggle between normal and reverse image display
For more information, contact:
Two Loons Trading Company
(207) 445-5744

Airaid Cold-Air Dodge Cummins Diesel Intake
Airaid's cold-air intake for the '94-to-'02 5.9L Dodge Cummins diesel makes a great engine perform even better. The 1700 CFM filter element can hold more dirt than a stock filter element, giving you longer intervals between filter cleanings.
•One-piece roto-molded airbox, turbo heat shield, and a modular induction tube are included
•Intake system is shaped to clear larger aftermarket turbo units. Bolt-on design means the Airaid intake can install in minutes using common hand tools
For more information, contact:
Airaid Filter Company
(800) 498-6951

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