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Off-Road Hardware - New Products - February 2011

Ford Super Duty
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted February 1, 2011

New Products

PWR All-Aluminum Radiators
OEM aluminum radiators brought cooling technology to a new level. Unfortunately, the plastic end tanks don't always go the distance. If your stock radiator's plastic end tanks are cracked, separating from the aluminum core, or are otherwise leaking, check out PWR's line of all-aluminum radiators.

•All-aluminum construction means better heat dispersion since the aluminum end tanks can dissipate heat, unlike plastic end tanks.
•Bolt-in stock applications are available, as well as universal types for custom installations. PWR can also make a custom radiator for just about any project. PWR's bolt-in radiator for the 4.0 OHV-equipped Ford Ranger is shown.

For more information, contact:
PWR Performance Products
(704) 658-0092

Pro Comp 8-Inch Super Duty Systems
The 2011 Super Duty and its available Scorpion diesel engine bring new life and promise to Ford's toughest lineup of light-duty trucks. Pro Comp hasn't missed a beat and has an 8-inch suspension system ready to go for the latest F-250 4x4.

•Stage I and Stage II 8-inch systems are designed to clear 38-inch tall tires. Front lift coils are rate-tuned for optimal ride quality.
•Stage I systems feature laser-cut drop down brackets and a dropped pitman arm, while Stage II systems also feature radius arms made from 4130 chromoly tubing and 3/16-inch steel plate. Customers can choose from Fox and Pro Comp shocks.

For more information, contact:
Pro Comp
(800) 776-0767

PIAA Shock Lamps: New Compact Sizes
•PIAA's original 8-inch HID shock lamp has been downsized in a good way. The same technology is now available in 4- and 6-inch •versions to suit a variety of off-road situations and needs.


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•Internal ballast makes installation cleaner and easier. The mounting point is centrally positioned for even weight distribution
•Lenses are off-road rugged: a hardened glass lens is used for the 4-inch lamp, and an unbreakable polycarbonate lens goes with the 6-incher. Housings are made from polyamide and have glass-fiber reinforced mounting bases.

For more information, contact:
(503) 489-6666

Addictive Desert Designs Tacoma Bumper
Addictive Desert Designs has a line of bolt-on bumpers for most popular trucks, including Toyota's latest Tacoma. The main tube is made from 2-inch-diameter, 0.120-wall tubing for real-world strength. Addictive's bending skill lets it build bumpers that flow with the lines on your truck.

•Skid plate included, dimple dies, and custom anodizing are optional
•Mounting tabs for three 9-inch off-road lights are standard, as is a glossy powder coat finish

For more information, contact:
Addictive Desert Designs
(480) 671-0280

Yukon Conversion Race for Large Bearing Ford 9" Dropouts
Yukon Gear & Axle manufactures a conversion bearing race to adapt small bearing carriers into a 3.250-inch dropout. This allows for use of a 28-, 31-, or 33-spline positraction, locker or spool to be installed into a large bearing dropout. This is ideal if you're stepping down from 35- or 40-spline axles and you don't want to buy a new dropout, or if you're running 28-, 31-, or 33-spline axles and want to step up to 35- or 40-spline later. Save money by allowing a large bearing housing to run any spline axles!

•Allows use of 28-, 31-, or 33-spline axles in 3.250-inch dropout
•Step down from 35- or 40-spline axles without a new carrier. Use one dropout/third member with any axle shaft

For more information, contact:
Yukon Gear & Axle

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