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Off-Road Hardware - New Products - April 2011

Posted in Product Reviews on April 1, 2011
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All-New MSD 6A and 6AL Ignitions
MSD's popular 6A and 6AL ignition systems are all new with all-digital electronic controls, which draw less current and provide more ignition power than ever before.
•Control box is lower profile, but has same mounting footprint of previous boxes
•Digital controls provide superior spark accuracy

For more information, contact:
MSD Ignition
(915) 856-2481

DIY Four-Link
If you've got a four-link rear suspension in mind for your rock-crawler or hardcore trail rig, the DIY four-link kit from Barnes 4WD will streamline the process and bring a better result.
•Kit is built from an exhaustive list of brackets, rod ends, misalignment spacers, jam nuts, and tube inserts.
•Need guidance on geometry and link placement on your rig? Barnes 4WD has the answers.

For more information, contact:
Barnes 4WD
(828) 551-7616

Fiberwerx 2011 Super Duty Fender
Fiberwerx is one of the most progressive fiberglass companies around, and has come through once again with new fiberglass. This time it's for the 2011 Ford Super Duty. The truck shown is a SEMA vehicle built by Rize Industries as an all-inclusive motocross support vehicle.
•Flare is 3.5 inches, rise is 1 inch
•Fenders will work with stock inner fenderwells, and fender extensions are an optional upgrade

For more information, contact:
(619) 654-4451

Airaid Raptor Style
Airaid's Quick Fit intake for the 2010 5.4L Triton-equipped Raptor lets you bolt on 11 hp and 15 lb-ft of torque. Your engine is protected using a premium 1600 CFM air filter.
•Made in the USA, installs in minutes. Backed by Airaid's "no hassle" warranty.
•Re-uses lower portion of the stock airbox for optimal fit.

For more information, contact:
Airaid Filter Company
(800) 498-6951

Truck-Lite LED Work and Spot Lamps
Truck-Lite's new work and spot lamps are further proof of LED lighting's rising dominance. The work lamp throws a wide 3,000-candlepower beam, and the spot lamp pierces the darkness with 45,000 candlepower. Truck-Lite lamps have endured military duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, so they're ready for your roughest adventures wherever you work and play.
•Available in 12- and 24-volt versions
•Hard-coated, non-yellowing polycarbonate lenses are 30 times more impact-resistant than glass

For more information, contact:
Truck-Lite Co, Inc.
(800) 562-5012

Keeper KW9500 Winch
Keeper's new KW9500 winch packs a lot of features into an affordable winch. The list is long, so we'll just mention a few. Check out Keeper's website for the full disclosure.
•Power "in," power "out," automatic holding brake
•Integrated HD sealed solenoid, 100 feet of wire rope, high-speed planetary geartrain

For more information, contact:
Keeper Corporation
(860) 456-4151

Mast Motorsports LS Conversion Oil Pan
GM LS-series engines are popular for swapping, but it's often necessary to modify the aluminum oil pan to let the engine fit into the new chassis. You can put your cutting and welding equipment away (for the oil pan at least) thanks to Mast Motorsports' new LS conversion oil pan.
•Maintains the oil pan as a stressed, structural member of the engine, just like the GM factory does.
•Low-profile front section and deep rear sump provide clearance for off-road truck chassis and suspension combinations while retaining proper oil sump capacity. Hot rodders love this oil pan, too.

For more information, contact:
Mast Motorsports
(936) 560-2218

Eagle One Trim Protector
Eagle One's Trim Protector contains a unique emulsion technology that protects trim better than traditional or general protectants.
•Trim Protector penetrates rubber, vinyl, and plastic to keep them looking new. UV protectors keep damaging rays controlled.
•Water-based, and contains no harsh solvents. Spray gel is easy to use and apply.

For more information, contact:
Eagle One
(800) 354-9061

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