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Off-Road Hardware - New Products - June 2011

Titanium Compressor Wheel
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted June 1, 2011
Contributors: Patrick Vuong

New Products

Titanium Makes Everything Better
ATS Diesel Performance’s Aurora 4000 turbo now has the option of a titanium compressor wheel. The titanium option gives the turbo better heat resistance and longer life compared to using aluminum compressor wheels. The Aurora 4000 carries a 3-year, 150,000-mile warranty.
•Titanium compressor wheel maintains its shape and fights metal fatigue even after thousands of heat cycles
•The Aurora 4000 also has a new wastegate, so that optimal turbo drive pressures can be safely maintained without danger of over-pressurizing the forced induction system

For more information, contact:
ATS Diesel Performance
(800) 949-6002

Chevy S-10 SAS Kit
If you’ve got a trail-style S-10, you know that the front suspension has multiple weak spots. You also know there’s not much available to increase wheel travel or to add strength. Off-Road Direct’s Solid Axle Swap kit lets you put the strength and simplicity of a solid front axle under your S-10.
•No welding is required to install the SAS kit
•Kit is designed to use commonly-available front axles

For more information, contact:
Off-Road Direct
(801) 623-7422

Rancho Lifts the Ram 2500
Rancho’s new 4-inch suspension system for the 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 fits up to 37-inch tires and lets you keep your stock wheels if you wish. It also aligns to OE specs..
•System features tubular front replacement links
•Lift coils, sway bar end links, and rear bumpstops are also included

For more information, contact:
Rancho Suspension

Holley Self-Tuning EFI
Holley’s new lineup of self-tuning EFI systems ranges from applications that simply replace a carburetor all the way to full-race multi-point fuel systems. The three tiers of the self-tuning EFI lineup are known as Avenger, HP, and Dominator.
•Avenger systems are bolt-on-and-go kits that self-tune and do not require a laptop. Pre-start setup is done via a hand-held module controller, and the engine then tunes itself once running.
•HP and Dominator systems allow the user more tuning parameters and can control an increased number of engine performance add-ons such as water- or methanol-injection systems. Dominator systems include all of the HP-series capabilities, but have additional features for controlling drive-by-wire throttle control and electronic transmission control.

For more information, contact:
Holley Performance

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