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Off-Road Hardware - New Products - September 2011

Posted in Product Reviews on September 1, 2011
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Pure Performance Ram Steering

Dodge Ram owners know that their stock steering systems leave something to be desired. Pure Performance offers steering systems that bring improved geometry, better durability, and 50-state street legality together into a single package.

• The tie rod and drag link are converted to be independent pieces instead of linking them together. This is a much more robust configuration than a stock inverted Y or inverted T.
• The drag link is made from solid 1-1/2-inch alloy steel; the tie rod is made from solid 1-5/8-inch chromoly steel. Systems are available for 4-to-6-inch lift systems and 7-to-9-inch lift systems. Tie rod ends are used, so the systems are street legal in all 50 states.

For more information, contact:
Pure Performance
(518) 270-9822

Lamp It Up
The Kelty LumaPivot Lantern is one of the most revolutionary lamps to come out in recent times, thanks to dual panels that can move independently. This makes the less-than-1-pound lantern ideal for the garage, campsite, or patio.

• Feature 15 LEDs on each pivoting panel
• Can draw 110 lumens or 60 lumens from six AA batteries

For more information, contact:
(800) 535-3589

Fits Like a Glove
Whether you’re working in the garage, collecting fire wood, or winching a stuck rig, a good pair of work gloves is essential for protecting your paws while still allowing for maximum dexterity. The Scene One Gloves are ideal for all of the above.

• Features molded neoprene cuffs with Velcro closures and extended pull tabs
• Knuckle and joint protection with reinforced palms keep things comfortable

For more information, contact:
5.11 Tactical
(866) 451-1726

Snap-On Lights Up the Night
Snap-On’s new horizontal swivel light makes it easier to wrench after sundown. It’s sold through Pep Boys auto parts stores.

• A total of 30 LED elements are rated at 90 lumens for 100,000 hours of continuous use
• Swivel head and easy-grip handle add convenience and multiple lighting positions

For more information, contact:
Pep Boys

Boom Mat
A loud engine sounds good on short trips. Extended drives call for a quieter truck to save your sanity. To that end, Boom Mat’s peel-and-stick underhood Thermal Accoustic Lining is easy to install and keeps the heat and sound under the hood where they belong.

• Boom Mat consists of 3/4-inch thick industrial, accoustical-grade foam backed by a reinforced reflective aluminum skin
• Boom Mat is available in a 32x54-inch size that can be cut to size for your custom applications

For more information, contact:
Boom Mat
(800) 264-9472

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