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Off-Road Hardware - New Products - November 2011

Airaid Cold Air Intake
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted November 1, 2011

Off-Road Hardware

Airaid for Ford 7.3 Diesel

If you were fortunate enough to buy a ’99-’03 Super Duty with a 7.3L diesel, Airaid now has a cold-air intake that brings more airflow to the power package.

• Not just a filter, this is a complete cold-air intake system that features an integrated battery tray. The filter itself is available in both oiled and non-oiled styles. Filter flow is huge at 1700 cfm.
• Filters use hand-poured urethane that’s made from a special blend to prevent cracking and shrinkage in the most extreme conditions. Dyno tests revealed this system brings an additional 27 horsepower and 55 lb-ft of torque online.

For more information, contact:
Airaid Filter Company
(800) 498-6951

Russell Push-on EFI Fittings
If you want to run high-quality, racing-style AN hoses with your stock late-model EFI fuel system, you need adapters. Russell Performance delivers with a line of precision-made aluminum adapters to meet your high-performance fuel system needs.

• Available for late-model EFI (pressure side) applications, they are made for both the OEM fuel rail and return lines
• Designed to match up with all Russell Performance hoses and hose ends, the 37-degree sealing angle guarantees as positive seal at maximum operating pressures

For more information, contact:
Russell Performance

Toyota 3.4 V-6 Conversion Mounts
The ’79-to-’95 four-cylinder Toyota pickups and 4Runner have outstanding, durable chassis and suspension that’s well-suited to a variety of off-road conditions. Unfortunately, the stock 22R and 22R-E engines are so slow they can barely get out of their own way. The solution? Spend lots of dollars upgrading your stock engine or do one better and swap in one of Toyota’s all-time greats: the 3.4 V-6 found in the ’96-to-’04 Tacoma. Chilkat Designs makes the process a little simpler by offering a pair of high-quality conversion engine mounts.

• Bolts to the stock four-cylinder frame mounts, and re-uses the stock rubber engine mounts. Optional weld-in gussets are included.
• TIG-welded construction reflects the high-quality design and manufacturing. If you’re converting an IFS truck, you can use the 3.0L V-6 oil pan on your 3.4L V-6 conversion engine

For more information, contact:
Chilkat Designs
(541) 933-3919

New Milwaukee Chop Saw

Milwaukee’s power tools are well-known in the metalworking world, and the latest 14-inch Milwaukee chop saw is the latest in a long line of reliable machines.

• 15-amp, 4.0 max horsepower motor mows through steel tubing and pipe as thick as five inches
• Durable, yet light weight design makes this saw portable. Oversized wheel guard provides added debris deflection

For more information, contact:
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation
(800) SAW-DUST

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