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New Products - Hardware - August 2012

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Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted August 1, 2012

Off-Road Hardware

Corbeau Latch & Link

Corbeau makes a wide range of seats as well as the most extensive line of vehicle-specific seat mounts this side of anywhere. There’s now a latch and link harness belt in Corbeau’s formidable product lineup.

  • Three-inch-wide, military-grade nylon webbing is assembled and stitched with computer-controlled accuracy

  • Latch-and-link closure is more resistant to dirt and contaminants than other types of harness closures. These harnesses are available in bolt-in or wrap-around mounting styles at an affordable price point.
For more information, contact:

(801) 255-3737

Hooker LS Manifolds

Headers are the ultimate performance exhaust solution, but there are times when manifolds are a better choice. A swapped-in engine in a small engine bay calls for manifolds because they’re more compact. Manifolds are maintenance-free and are also quieter than headers.

  • Hooker LS cast iron manifolds hug the engine block and create precious clearance around the engine. They’re available in five finish options.

  • Available for Chevy LS engines, Hooker’s cast iron manifolds are a free-flowing design that will deliver years of leak-free performance
For more information, contact:

Holley Performance Products
(800) HOLLEY-1

Compact Cutter, Large Capacity

HTP America’s MicroCut 600 plasma cutter only weighs 22 pounds, but is able to cut through steel up to a half-inch thick. Inverter technology is very efficient and draws less current: the MicroCut only requires 30 amps of 220-volt input power.

  • Arc starts without using high frequency; less risk of damage to electronic equipment

  • Adjustable power lets you cut thin sheet metal or thick plate with precision
For more information, contact:

HTP America, Inc.
(800) USA-WELD

Volant F-150 Intake

If you’ve got a 2011 or 2012 Ford F-150 with the 3.7L V-6 or the 3.5L Eco-Boost engine, Volant has a new cold-air intake that can add extra performance and fuel economy. Each engine uses a different Volant part number, so specify when ordering.

  • Intake system replaces the factory air-filter box and the radiator coolant overflow tank for an easy-to-install system. The Volant air-filter box is larger than the factory Ford box, which makes room for an oversized Volant air-filter element.

  • Choose from a five-layer, high-flow Pro-5, cotton-gauze, reusable filter or an optional Volant filter that uses Donaldson PowerCore filtration technology. The Donaldson PowerCore filter offers up to 99.97-percent filtration efficiency, no maintenance, and lasts up to 100,000 miles.
For more information, contact:

(909) 481-3888

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