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Clipper 3 Camping LED Headlight - Camping Gear

Posted in Product Reviews on April 1, 2002
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It doesn't matter whether you camp in a 40-foot-long motor home or a dome tent, when the sun sets it's going to get dark. This is as much a certainty as is dropping your hot dog into the camp fire.

Seeing in the dark used to mean carrying a heavy flashlight that drained batteries amazingly fast while emitting a weak beam of yellowish-brown light. Well, LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have changed all that, and offers a light called the Clipper 3 Headlight that combines the incredible light output of an LED with a design that allows for the user to clip it to a headband or hat brim for no-handed operation.

LEDs have been around since the '60s but have only recently been integrated into flashlights. Their attributes include a built-in micro-size reflector (which inherently allows for much smaller flashlights), low power drain (the three AAA battery-powered Clipper 3 is said to be capable of operation for more than 75 hours when used intermittently), long-life dependability (an LED will last for thousands of hours), and pure, white-light output.

The Clipper 3 Headlight (a three-LED unit) is easily mounted on the included elastic headband via the tensioned ball joint. A simple 11/44-inch turn of the rubber-armored lens cap activates the light. If you should have the misfortune of slipping off a pier and doing a belly flop in the lake, the polycarbonate case is watertight to a depth of several feet.

In addition to the Clipper 3, offers a full line of lights sporting a variety of LEDs, including the sleek Eternalight, the PAL Survival Light, the tiny Microlight, and a powerhouse baton-style light that is stuffed with 19 LEDs.


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