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August 2002 4x4 Truck Parts And Accessories

Posted in Product Reviews on August 1, 2002
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Contributors: Gabriel Sheffer

Shock-Controlled Ladder Bars
If you're interested in running ladder bars on your 4x4, check these out. The new Shock Controlled Ladder Bar System from Scooter's Pro Fab uses a shock-controlled shackle that helps give you a smooth ride without wheelhop, springwrap, bad tracking, and sway. According to Scooter's, the ladder bars have been thoroughly tested and proven over some gnarly off-road conditions. Contact: Scooter's Pro Fab, Dept. FW, 3836 East 100 North, Rigby, ID 83442, 866/243-2767,

Tougher Hi-Lift Jack
If you're looking to pick up a new jack for four-wheeling purposes, consider the venerable Hi-Lift Jack. Besides standard features like a 4,660-pound capacity, a safety shear bolt that prevents overload and the fact that the jack can lift, winch, push and clamp, members of the new generation of Hi-Lift jacks are now all powdercoated. This new coating ensures a stronger, more attractive and environmentally safe product. Two models in five sizes are available. Contact: Hi-Lift Jacks, Dept. FW, 46 West Spring St., Bloomfield, IN 47424, 800/233-2051,

Travel Longer
With rockcrawlers pushing the suspension envelope, the folks at Rancho have developed the new RS 5000 series long-travel shock. The RS 5000, with its twin-tube cellular-gas design, includes universal mounting hardware for most vehicles. Two lengths are available: 34- and 36-inch, offering 14 and 15 inches of travel, respectively. Contact: Tenneco Automotive, Dept. FW, 1 International Dr., Monroe, MI 48161, 800/574-6257,

Multi-App Trail Repair Kits
You've finally built your ultimate trail rig. It's got loads of lift, big ol' tires and a hearty powerplant to get you up the toughest inclines. But something's missing. Extra U-Joints? Loctite? If you're missing these essentials, you're not quite ready to hit the trail, are you Bigfoot? Don't get caught out there with broken parts. Randy's Ring & Pinion now offers complete Trail Repair Kits that include a yoke, U-joint, pinion seal, nut and washer, U-bolt kit or straps and Loctite. The kit works for several applications including Dana 30s, 44s with 1310 U-joint, 60s, and AMC Model 20, 35, and 35 (short). Contact: Randy's Ring & Pinion, Dept. FW, 11630 Airport Rd., #300, Everett, WA 98204, 800/291-1360,

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