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Sylvania SilverStar Headlights - Neat Stuff

Posted in Product Reviews on August 1, 2002
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With a color temperature of 4,000 degrees Kelvin, these new SilverStar High Performance Halogen bulbs rival the light of pricey HID lights. They're available in 9004, 9005, 9006 and 9007 ST, while 9003s (to fit H4 lights) and sealed-beam versions will be out by September. These bulbs are very bright and also street-legal. Sure, you can buy cheap auxiliary lights for the same money, but the SilverStars are a much better deal if function is more important than looks. The 9004 ST bulbs seen here are rated at 65/45 watts, and it only takes one four-wheeler to change them.

If you're interested in effective lighting you already use halogen bulbs. Far better than regular incandescent headlights, regular halogens still aren't nearly as bright as High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights. But, they're also nowhere near as costly. A very affordable compromise is the new SilverStar bulb, producing a color temperature very near that of HID lighting.

According to Sylvania, incandescents are at a yellowish 2,800 degrees Kelvin (K), standard halogens at 3,200 degrees K and the SilverStars a bright 4,000 degrees K. By comparison, HID lighting is about 4,200 K and daylight 5,400 K.

Since switching to the SilverStars is as simple as changing bulbs, and at $25 apiece they're a heck of a lot less money than stepping up to HID, the upgrade is both simple and affordable. Only installing a relay (to ensure full battery voltage, especially on older vehicles) or removing any add-on smoked light covers could cost less and still result in a similar increase in brightness. On the flipside, SilverStars supposedly don't last as long as some halogen bulbs, but that's a minor sacrifice if you value good lighting.

We swapped in only one SilverStar bulb at first and the difference from side to side was evident even in full daylight. In the dark, the SilverStar bulb emitted a far whiter and brighter light, as if fed an extra volt or two over the stocker.

It makes perfect sense to have the headlights on our four-wheelers work as effectively as possible, and the SilverStar bulbs are about as good as it gets-darn near HID light, and for pretty cheap.


Osram Sylvania

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