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March 2005 New 4x4 Truck Parts

Posted in Product Reviews on March 1, 2005
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Edge Products offers the new Juice with Attitude system for '04 LLY-series 6.6L Duramax diesels. The new system, which was re-engineered to accommodate the LLY's new injectors and turbocharger, is said to install in under an hour and provide as much as 240 lb-ft of added torque. The system also provides engine information, such as engine temp, boost, and throttle and load percentages, and can also display 0-60mph and quarter-mile times. Information: Edge Products, 888/360-3343,


Snugtop offers the Super Sport fiberglass cap for '04 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab shortbeds. Besides adding aesthetic appeal, the cap enhances cargo security with Snugtop's Rotary Latch locking system, which can also be locked from the inside for camping purposes. The cap also features a built-in drain channel, and is paint-matched to OE colors using DuPont's ChromaPremier process. Information: Snugtop,


Quaker State has added a new line of synthetic and synth-blend motor oils, simply known as Q. The oils are said to feature a new heat-activated technology designed to reduce friction and maximize power. Among the new Qs are 4x4 and SUV Synthetic Blend, engineered for hard-working 4x4s; High-RPM Synthetic Blend, for high-revving four-cylinders or turbocharged V-8s; and Q Racing, designed for precision-tuned racing engines. The 4x4 and SUV blend is available in 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30 viscosities. Information: or consult your local retailer.


B&M offers a new torque converter for owners of nitrous-fed Fords. The Nitrous HoleShot converter uses anti-balloon plates on the impeller and cover, enabling better harnessing of engine power at launch. Furnace-brazed impellers and turbines provide extra strength, and all components are balanced and pressure-tested. Applications are available for '80-'92 AODs, '70-'82 C4s, and all C6s. Information: B&M Racing, 818/882-6422,


Kilby Enterprises came up with a simple bolt-on solution for the ever-present problem associated with Jeep body mounts. Vulnerable to damage by rocky terrain, body mounts typically show trail abuse before rock sliders do. These bolt-on Body Clamz are designed to sandwich the body mount between two laser-cut formed pieces of 3/16-inch HRPO steel. Once installed, the Body Clamz provide deflective angles before and after each mounting bracket. The encapsulating design ensures the factory body mounts are protected from damage while preventing fatigue. Available in a set of six, Body Clamz come in a satin black powdercoat. Information: Kilby Enterprises 818/565-5945,


Rancho now offers its award-winning RS 9000X shock in a long-travel, remote-reservoir design, called Pro Series. The shocks feature a remote reservoir for better cooling and more consistent performance, and the extended-length Pro versions are offered in 13- to 15-inch travel applications. The nine-way adjustable shocks can be mounted in any position, and can be tuned by hand at the shock or remotely controlled with the RS 99701 remote kit. Applications are available for a variety of Ford, GM, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles. Information: Rancho Suspension,


Superlift now offers two suspension kits for '04-and-later Ford F-150s. One kit, which levels the front using urethane spacers that mount atop the OE coilover struts, provides 2 1/2 inches of lift and clears most LT305/33-inch tires. The 4- to 5-inch kit relocates the front OE struts to maintain stock ride quality, and the rear is leveled with 2 1/2-inch tapered blocks; the system is said to clear 35-inch tires. New cast ductile-iron steering knuckles are included, and Bilstein-sourced Superide SS shocks are an available option. Information: Superlift Suspension Systems, 800/551-4955,


Toyo has released a new light-truck tire, the Open Country H/T. The new OE-replacement rubber has been computer-designed to minimize road noise, and is said to maintain quiet road manners throughout its lifespan. Multi-Wave sipes and angled tread blocks are said to enhance performance in wet and snowy conditions. Construction is two-ply radial with two steel belts. Over 30 P- and LT-metric sizes will be offered to fit 15- to 18-inch-diameter wheels, with load ratings as high as E for 1-ton pickup applications. Information: Toyo, 888/442-8696,


PML announces a new line of extra-capacity diff covers for '03 AAM/Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 rearends. The cover, which features oil fill, level check, magnetic drain plug, and an undrilled boss for a temp sensor, holds 0.8 quart more lube than stock, which helps to reduce operating temperatures. The diff covers, which are made from thick-wall sand-cast aluminum, come in cast aluminum, black powdercoat, or polished finishes. A matching cover for the front diff is also offered. Information: DML, 310/671-4345,

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