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September 2008 New Products - What's New

Grant Products Steering Wheel
Robin Stover | Writer
Posted September 1, 2008

Now you can enjoy the look and feel of an aftermarket steering wheel without losing the function of your vehicle's airbag. Grant Products International Inc. is proud to introduce Revolution airbag steering wheels for popular GM trucks and SUVs. The new wheels retain all factory steering-wheel switches and multiple designs are available to match your own custom look. Currently these steering wheels are available for all '03-'08 GM pickups and SUVs with Dodge and Ford applications coming soon.
Info: 818/247-2910,

BDS Suspension offers this 4.5-inch long-arm system for all '87-'01 Jeep XJs. It is a true four-link that offers improved control both on and off the highway. The system is centered around four massive control arms that are fully adjustable. These control arms are attached to a 1/4-inch-thick steel bellypan that significantly improves undercarriage protection. Kevlar-lined stainless steel brake lines are included as well as BDS Ultimate front sway-bar disconnects. A heavy-duty front adjustable track bar is included to properly center the axle.
Info: 517/279-2135,

Trail-Gear Inc. now has an easy-to-install rear four-link kit for '79-'95 Toyota pickups and 4Runners. The kit features a heavy-duty frame crossmember that serves as a mounting point for all four links. Weld-on axle link brackets are provided for either Toyota or Trail-Gear Rock Assault axlehousings. Links are made from 2-inch 0.250-wall DOM. Weld-in threaded bungs, jam nuts, and heavy-duty 1.25-inch link joints complete each of the four links. Wheelbase can be adjusted at the time of assembly by mounting the crossmember forward or backward. The system allows full range of motion with 18-inch-travel shocks. It can be used with or without the stock rear frame section.
Info: 559/252-4950,

A snatch block is an incredibly useful piece of recovery equipment that enables you to retrieve loads that are double a winch's capacity. The Snatch Block 9000 features a computer-optimized two-piece polymer pulley design for increased functionality and safety during a vehicle recovery. It also features rounded safety edges to protect against pinch points during recovery situations, and allows for easy one-handed loading and unloading of the cable or rope. The working load encountered during winching also has a positive effect on the snatch block by causing the plates to press together for extra support. The total weight of the block is 50 percent less than other comparably rated snatch blocks.

Swift Springs offers a more linear rate curve for better traction, smoother weight transfer, smoother ride, and easier set up. Swift Springs has coil springs for coilover shocks intended for the 4x4 marketplace. What makes Swift Springs different is the material used to build the coil springs. Known as H5S.TW, this metal is one of the most advanced spring materials known to date. Stronger than traditional spring steel, yet lighter at the same time, Swift coils are made from thinner wire while retaining available stroke. Racers and others who desire less weight now have a better option for racing coilover shocks.
Info: 800/700-2350,

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