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High Lifter Products Air Lock Tire Sealant - Neat Stuff

Posted in Product Reviews on November 1, 2008
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Preventive maintenance for flats is what Air Lock is all about. Squirt it into the tire after the valve-stem core has been removed and the air let out. After Air Lock is in the tire, re-inflate to proper pressure and ride on. A valve-stem remover and filler tube comes with each quart-size bottle.

Few things irritate a wheeler more than having a flat. It's not like you can dial up the local auto club to send someone right over to fix the tire now molded to the shape of the ground beneath it.

A more likely scenario is you dig out the tire repair kit (you do have one of those, right?), wipe the muck off the tire, and then roll it around until you hopefully find the hole all the while praying it's not a sidewall puncture. After a couple tries with the plug, you get it stuck in the hole. Now comes the fun part-seating the tire on the bead. Oh, who has the air compressor?

We found a much better solution to flat tire issues: High Lifter Products' Air Lock Tire Sealant. It's a fill-and-forget answer to preventing flats in the boonies. And it works on sidewall punctures.

"Air Lock is a high-tech mix of synthetic fibers and fillers suspended in a special liquid," explains High Lifter Products' Dan Doughty. "Think microscopic beavers in a pond.

"When a puncture occurs, the escaping air carries Air Lock to the hole. The fibers cling to the side of the puncture and form a 'filter,' which entraps the fillers. A plug is formed, which seals the leak instantly with almost no air loss. As the tire flexes under load, the fiber/filler mass compresses to form a dense and permanent plug."

Doughty says the flat-fixing process can handle punctures up to about 1/2 inch and is the same whether or not the penetrating object stays in the tire. Air Lock also keeps working puncture after puncture, as well as sealing those pesky bead leaks that happen at the most inopportune time.

Air Lock, which retails for about $15 per bottle, stays in liquid form and is "non-reactive." In other words, it doesn't react with rubber, steel, aluminum, or other materials found in ATV and trailer tires/wheels. If there's a puncture, keep on going. As the tire rolls Air Lock does its job with almost no air loss. Most ATV and trailer tires require one bottle, or 32 ounces per tire.

We put a bottle in each tire of our Kawasaki Mule, as well as a bottle in each tire of our new Cherokee Manufacturing ATV trailer. We're confident any flat issues we might have been concerned about are now a thing of the past.

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