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2008 Top Truck Challenge Prizes - Spoils Of War

Posted in Product Reviews on December 1, 2008
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With parts-busting obstacles such as the Frame Twister and Tank Trap, Top Truck Challenge could just as easily be called Top Truck Carnage. Few are the rigs that can survive the week without multiple breakages, and that's why we make sure all TTC competitors don't go home without plenty of cool aftermarket parts that they can bolt onto, or buy for, their rigs. This year, nearly 40 sponsors and manufacturers contributed swag (thanks to all), ensuring that all who competed at TTC XVI were suitably rewarded for their sacrifices. Here's what they hauled home:

$500 Gift Certificate from Advance Adapters
What It Is: Five hundred bucks towards any Advance Adapters product.
Why It's Cool: Every little bit helps when you're saving your shekels to buy an Atlas 2.
More info: 800/350-2223,

$500 Gift Certificate from 4Wheel Parts Wholesalers
What It Is: $500 worth of swag at any of 4Wheel Parts' more than 40 retail stores nationwide.
Why It's Cool: You can use it towards purchasing anything you want from them.
More info: 877/474-4821,

$100 Gift Certificate from 4Wheel Parts Wholesalers
What It Is: Not as much as half a thousand, but nice to have nonetheless.
Why It's Cool: You have thousands of parts to choose from their catalog.
More info: 877/474-4821,

AEM Intake System Gift Certificate
What It Is: Cash in hand towards the purchase of an AEM air-intake system
Why It's Cool: It uses a nonwoven polyester element that filters out more than 98 percent of airborne gunk.
More info: 310/484-2322,

AEM Filter Gift Certificate
What It Is: More credit towards purchase of an AEM air filter.
Why It's Cool: Under normal use, you'll never need to oil it.
More info: 310/484-2322,

Gift Certificate from Amsoil
What It Is: A handy coupon to have when shopping for premium lubricants.
Why It's Cool: It'll help keep your engine and gearboxes from cooking.
More info:

ARB Onboard Air Compressor
What It Is: A gotta-have trail accessory from the leading name in lockers.
Why It's Cool: You can't air up at the end of the trail without it.
More info: 425/264-1391,

$400 Gift package from Blanco Basura
What It Is: Four hundred bucks' worth of totally rad trail gear.
Why It's Cool: They're the official haberdasher of Top Truck Challenge!
More info: 831/423-0587,

Tow & Stow Double Hitch Ball
What It Is: A double hitch with two different ball sizes.
Why It's Cool: It folds out of the way when not in use.Info: 800/248-6564,

Black & Decker Electromates
What It Is: 450 watts of jump-starting goodness.
Why It's Cool: It works as a portable air compressor too.
More info: 800/544-6986,

Coleman Inflate-All Pump
What It Is: A handy 12V source of onboard air.
Why It's Cool: You can air up a tire in 4 minutes with it.
More info: 800/835-3278,

Black & Decker Inverters
What It Is: 750 watts of conversion power for 12V to 115V applications
Why It's Cool: This puppy's got a USB port, so you can run your laptop on it.
More info: 800/544-6986,

Currie E-Z Deflator
What It Is: A quick and easy way to air down pronto at the trailhead.
Why It's Cool: Airing down and tire-pressure monitoring are a one-step process now.
More info: 714/982-5300,

Coleman 50-Quart Wheeled Xtreme Cooler
What It Is: A wheelable repository for your favorite trail libations.
Why It's Cool: It'll keep 65 cans of frothies cool five days at 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
More info: 800/835-3278,

Coleman Lithium Pack-Away Lantern
What It Is: A portable pushbutton source of nighttime illumination.
Why It's Cool: The lithium battery ensures long life and lots of lumens.
More info: 800/835-3278,

Fass Diesel Pump/Filter System
What It Is: A direct replacement fuel pump for modern-day truck diesels.
Why It's Cool: They flow 33-percent more freely than the OE units they replace.
More info: 636/433-5410,

$250 Gift Certificate from Gearhead Engines
What It Is: Money in hand from a leader in remanufactured engines.
Why It's Cool: Gas, diesel, rotary, VW, marine-these dudes have engines for everyone.
More info: 800/508-5999,

Set of 33-inch Toyo Open Country M/Ts
What It Is: Rubber for your 4x4, from one of the industry leaders.
Why It's Cool: Free tires? What's cooler than that?
More info: 978/283-1131,

$200 Gift Certificate from Gen-Right
What It Is: Two hundred bones towards products from the renowned Jeep specialist.
Why It's Cool: You can get whatever you want with it.
More info: 805/584-8635,

Gibson Aluminized Exhaust System
What It Is: A new after-cat system of choice for trucks.
Why It's Cool: Everyone loves a throaty exhaust note, reduced backpressure, and everyone likes to stay emissions-legal too.
More info: 800/528-3044,

Gift Certificate from Line-X
What It Is: Kevlar-fortified spray-on bedliner that guards against rust and corrosion.
Why It's Cool: It comes with a lifetime warranty.
More info: 877/330-1331,

$600 Gift Certificates from Ox USA
What It Is: A lotta green towards the purchase of an Ox Locker.
Why It's Cool: They're strong as an ox, and made in the U.S. of A.
More info: 866/438-4353,

$200 Gift Certificate from JT's Parts
What It Is: Yep, another gift certificate.
Why It's Cool: If you need diff parts, JT's is a good source to call.
More info: 866/349-6801,

Set of Mickey Thompson Baja 35-inch tires
What It Is: Stout radial rubber including the Baja Claw that's become a favorite of TTC competitors (OK, just not in 35s).
Why It's Cool: A set of free tires? Is there anything cooler?
More info: 800/222-9092,

Set of Mickey Thompson Wheels
What It Is: Some of the coolest rims for four-wheeling use.
Why It's Cool: They'll look badass along with your Mickey T tires.
More info: 800/222-9092,

Mechanix Wear Gloves
What It Is: Premium protection for hands that really work.
Why It's Cool: After a day at Top Truck, you'll need these after you've towed your rig back to camp for repairs.
More info:

Painless Battery Control System
What It Is: A 250-amp solenoid that isolates your second battery from charging duties.
Why It's Cool: You'll never need to worry about draining both your batteries if you've got this.
More info: 800/54-WIRES,

Optima YellowTop Batteries
What It Is: A dual-purpose starting and deep-cycle battery, it's fully sealed and enviro-friendly.
Why It's Cool: Since it's non-spillable, you can mount it in any position-even upside down.
More info: 888/867-8462,

MSD Plug Wires
What It Is: Spark-plug wires for your truck's ignition.
Why It's Cool: They've got durable plug boots and a synthetic/silicone sleeve for long life.
More info: 915/857-5200,

Race Part Solutions Hose Connections
What It Is: Silicon-coated hose couplers for high-boost applications.
Why It's Cool: They enable you to connect one size of hose to another.
More info: 561/375-6277,

Race Part Solutions Intercooler Hose Tensioner
What It Is: A billet brace for your intercooler hoses.
Why It's Cool: It's easy to remove and install, and comes with stainless hardware.
More info: 561/365-6277,

Tuff Country Suspension System
What It Is: A complete suspension system for Fords, Chevys, Dodges, Jeeps, or Toyotas.
Why It's Cool: Don't try to run 44s without one.
More info: 800/288-2190,

Truck Covers' American Cargo Light Set
What It Is: LED-lined light strips for your pickup's bed.
Why It's Cool: You can plumb them into your electrical system, or run them off their own battery.
More info: 888/808-2872,

Rock Auto Gift Certificate
What It Is: 250 bucks for anything from Rock Auto's online catalog.
Why It's Cool: They carry plenty of parts in all price ranges.
More info: 866/ROCKAUTO,

Warn 9500ti winch
What It Is: Close to 5 tons of pulling power in a water-resistant aluminum die-case body.
Why It's Cool: Thermometric operation lets you know how hot the motor's getting.
More info: 800/910-1122,

Warn SPI Air Compressor
What It Is: 12-volt DC power at your fingertips for airing up and other chores.
Why It's Cool: It flows 12 cfm max, at 100 psi max.
More info: 800/910-1122,

EK Accessories Ratchet Straps
What It Is: Cargo retaining made simple.
Why It's Cool: They make stuff for your pet too.
More info: 435/753-8448,

Yukon Gear Gift Certificate
What It Is: Your ticket for free stuff from a leading manufacturer of hard-core axle components.
Why It's Cool: Consider them gotta-have items for the Tank Trap.
More info: 800/292-1031, www

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