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Toyota FJ Cruiser Accessories Buyers Guide - 40+ Parts For Your FJ Cruiser

Posted in Product Reviews on April 1, 2009 Comment (0)
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Toyota FJ Cruiser Accessories Buyers Guide - 40+ Parts For Your FJ Cruiser
129 0904 01 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+afe pipe

1. Who: advanced Flow engineering (AFE)
What: Mach Force-XP high-tuck exhaust
Where: 951/493-7100, www.afepower.com
Wares: Mandrel-bent 3-inch 409 stainless steel construction, with 5-inch straight-through muffler, welded-on bayonet-style hangers, and band-style clamps.
Words: "In recent testing [it] produced 20 hp and 24 lb-ft of torque and improved exhaust flow over the factory exhaust by 133 percent."
Wallet: MSRP is $405

129 0904 02 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+brute force intake system

2. Who: AEM
What: Brute Force intake system
Where: 310/484-2322, www.aempower.com
Wares: Dryflow synthetic performance air filter, CNC/mandrel-bent 6061 aluminum, heavy-duty steel heatshield, and silver powdercoat or mirror-polished finish.
Words: "We tune each system right on the vehicle to deliver maximum torque and horsepower at every throttle position."
Wallet: Between $303 and $353

129 0904 03 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+bull bar

3. Who: ARB
What: Bull Bar
Where: 425/264-1391, www.arbusa.com
Wares: Precision-cut, folded, and MIG-welded sheet steel; mounts for auxiliary lights, CB antenna brackets, and optional foglights; and satin-black powdercoat.
Words: "To date, the most sought-after ARB accessory for the FJ Cruiser is the winch-compatible replacement bumper with integrated grilleguard."
Wallet: MSRP is $1,154

129 0904 04 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+super cooler transmission

4. Who: B&M
What: SuperCooler transmission cooler
Where: 818/882-6422, www.bmracing.com
Wares: All-aluminum construction, built-in mounting brackets, 3/8-inch-diameter nipple fittings, and mounting kit.
Words: "Stacked Plate technology allows a smaller, sturdier cooler to cool much more efficiently than the standard larger fin and tube coolers."
Wallet: MSRP is $102

129 0904 05 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+black rhino wheels

5. Who: Black Rhino Wheels
What: Zambia
Where: 888/766-7778, www.blackrhinowheels.com
Wares: A 20-incher, and hub-centric, or supplied with centering.
Words: "A smooth split multispoke with an aggressive lip, the machine-cut face with gunmetal adds the extra dimension of style and toughness."
Wallet: $290

129 0904 06 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+borla exhaust

6. Who: Borla
What: Cat-Back exhaust
Where: 877/462-6752, www.borla.com
Wares: Straight-through and multicore technology, premium stainless steel, and ultra-smooth mandrel bends, with CNC manufacturing.
Words: "Increased exhaust velocity adds power, driving excitement, and fuel economy."
Wallet: MSRP is $1,149

129 0904 07 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+skyjacker lift kit

7. Who: Skyjacker
What: 2-inch Value Kit
Where: 318/388-0816, www.skyjacker.com
Wares: CNC-machined billet-aluminum spacers for between the factory shock and coilover and upper mount at the frame in front, red polyurethane spacers for between the rear coil spring and upper frame mount in back.
Words: "Skyjacker's Poly Value Kits are in high demand and produce optimum results for the amount of money spent."
Wallet: Around $195

129 0904 08 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+body armor front bumper

8. Who: Body Armor 4x4
What: Front bumper
Where: 951/808-0750, www.bodyarmor4x4.com
Wares: High-grade aluminum; a fully welded one-piece design with a bolt-on grilleguard, and the ability to run hi-po 6-inch-round, slim-style auxiliary lights and most low-profile 8,000- to 9,000-pound winches.
Words: "Easily installs to the factory frame horns, no drilling or cutting required."
Wallet: MSRP is $1,079

129 0904 09 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+dynomax exhaust

9. Who: DynoMax Performance Exhaust
What: Ultra Flo exhaust
Where: 734/384-7806, www.dynomax.com
Wares: Welded muffler, mandrel-bent 2 1/2-inch stainless steel pipe, with polished stainless steel tip that exits in stock location.
Words: "Engineered to deliver unrestricted exhaust flow and a throaty, unique tone."
Wallet: MSRP is $260

129 0904 10 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+bushwacker fender flares

10. Who: Bushwacker
What: Extend-A-Fender Flares
Where: 800/234-8920, www.bushwacker.com
Wares: Dura-Flex material, in OE matte black with a UV-protected finish that can be painted.
Words: "This flare also opens up the wheelwell for bigger wheels, tires, and greater axle articulation."
Wallet: Around $525

129 0904 11 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+currie rear suspension

11. Who: Currie 4x4 Rearends
What: Heavy-duty rear-suspension bracket set
Where: 714/982-5310, www.currie4x4rearends.com
Wares: Upper and lower control-arm mounts, coil-spring mounts, adjustable height track-bar bracket, and shock mounts.
Words: "All brackets are laser-cut and formed from 3/16-inch steel."
Wallet: MSRP is $399

129 0904 12 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+daystar lift kit

12. Who: Daystar
What: 2 1/2-inch lift or leveling kits
Where: 800/595-7659, www.daystarweb.com
Wares: High-density polyurethane strut spacers for the front lift; rear has polyurethane coil-spring spacers positioned on top of the coil springs.
Words: "Improve ground clearance and provide room for larger tires and wheels without impacting ride quality. Once installed, the vehicle will clear up to 32-inch tires."
Wallet: Leveling is $129.95; lift is $159.95

129 0904 13 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+defenderworx lightbar

13. Who: Defenderworx
What: Lightbar
Where: 714/630-9700
Wares: The low-profile bar is 6061 billet-aluminum.
Words: "Very tough and durable add-on lightbar that bolts directly to your stock FJ."
Wallet: MSRP is $425

129 0904 14 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+downey suspension kit

14. Who: Downey Off-Road
What: Suspension kit
Where: 562/949-9494, www.downeyoff-road.com
Wares: Includes the company's '00-'06 Tundra heavy-duty coil springs mounted on '03-'08 4Runner modified Bilstein shocks.
Words: "The coilover package provides complete ride-height adjustability to match Downey's 1 1/2- to 3-inch-lift rear suspension package."
Wallet: $916

129 0904 15 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+edelbrock shocks

15. Who: Edelbrock
What: VS-3 shocks
Where: 310/781-2222, www.edelbrock.com
Wares: A 46mm monotube design with large, high-flow velocity-sensitive pistons, a 5/8-inch piston rod, low-friction seal, billet-aluminum bump cap, and OEM-quality bushings.
Words: "The option of stock height or a level ride height at the time of installation, which can provide up to 2 inches of lift for the front of the vehicle."
Wallet: Retails for $129 for the front, $75 for the rear

129 0904 16 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+fourtreks mounting system

16. Who: Fourtreks
What: Hi-Lift mounting system
Where: 818/517-6145, www.fourtreks.com
Wares: Billet-aluminum mounts with stainless wing nuts and hardware or billet self-sealing aluminum wing nuts.
Words: "Makes it easy to mount your Hi-Lift jack securely on a tube in an area of your choice. The mounts will fit OEM roof racks, aftermarket roof racks, and aftermarket tube bumpers."
Wallet: Starts around $100

129 0904 17 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+side steps

17. Who: Go Rhino!
What: Dominator II SideSteps
Where: 888/427-4466, www.gorhino.com
Wares: Drop-down steps with race-style aluminum step pads, and bolt-on brackets. Comes black powdercoated or in polished stainless.
Words: "To further personalize your FJ, custom finishes can be applied by a painter or anodizer to the step pads."
Wallet: Starts at $356

129 0904 18 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+lts performance brake pads

18. Who: Hawk Performance
What: LTS performance brake pads
Where: 800/542-0972, www.hawkperformance.com
Wares: Ferro-carbon brake compound designed for larger brake systems.
Words: "Blending the safety and quality aspects of aerospace design with performance technology derived from the company's OE and motorsports efforts."
Wallet: Around $65 per axle set

129 0904 19 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+icon suspension system

19. Who: ICON Vehicle Dynamics
What: Suspension System
Where: 951/272-ICON, www.iconvehicledynamics.com
Wares: 2 1/2-inch-diameter remote-reservoir coilover shock kit, adjustable billet-aluminum uniball upper control arms, 2-inch-lift rear coil springs, 2 1/2-inch-diameter rear piggyback reservoir shocks, adjustable billet-aluminum rear trailing arms.
Words: "Enhanced handling and load bearing."
Wallet: Retails for $4,240 (but parts can be purchased separately)

129 0904 20 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+kn intake

20. Who: K&N Engineering
What: High-flow intake system
Where: 800/858-3333, www.knfilters.com
Wares: Replaces original intake assembly, including the airbox, air filter, and intake tube with an all-new intake design.
Words: "Increases horsepower by 11.95 at 4,785 rpm over the stock Toyota intake configuration."
Wallet: MSRP is $449

129 0904 21 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+custom valvebody

21. Who: Level 10
What: Custom valvebody
Where: 973/827-1000, www.levelten.com
Wares: Spring weights, orifice sizes and location, valve size, and port mods are tailored to your FJ.
Words: "Every driver is different and uses their vehicle in a different way; some race, some tow, some cruise, some just like performance."
Wallet: $798

129 0904 22 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+light racing upper arms

22. Who: Light Racing
What: Adjustable front upper arms
Where: 800/525-6505, www.lightracing.com
Wares: There's an OE-style ball joint and bushings, with a hybrid tubular and forged-steel design.
Words: "This upper control arm provides an additional +2 degrees of caster and 0 to +5 degrees of camber change."
Wallet: Approximately $800 per pair (but you can buy individually)

129 0904 23 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+or fab pro step

23. Who: OR-Fab
What: Pro Step
Where: 928/636-7080, www.p-a-g.net
Wares: Made from heavy-duty 2 1/2-inch x .083-wall tubing, and is available in silver, gloss black, or wrinkle black powdercoat. There's a urethane step pad for a nonslip surface.
Words: "It can be adjusted...the first position allows the Pro Step to lay flat and tuck closer to the...body. If your FJ is lifted, a second position allows it to be angled downward to be slightly farther away from the body."
Wallet: Retails for around $400

129 0904 24 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+pro comp suspension

24. Who: Pro Comp Suspension
What: 3-inch Comfort Ride tuned suspension system
Where: 619/216-1444, www.procompmotorsports.com
Wares: Front and rear coil springs, high-performance ES Series front and rear shocks.
Words: "Three inches of lift allows use of 33x12.50-inch tires, on wheels up to 9 inches wide with up to 4.625 inches of backspacing."
Wallet: About $550

129 0904 25 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+rancho coilovers

25. Who: Rancho
What: QuickLIFT fixed-seat coilovers
Where: 734/384-7804, www.gorancho.com
Wares: The coilovers are finished in liquid metallic silver; no cutting, welding, or drilling is needed for installation.
Words: "Replace OE spring-seat shock absorbers quickly, and easily allow access to larger wheel and tire packages while leveling the front suspension."
Wallet: Starting at less than $449

129 0904 26 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+king shocks

26. Who: King Shock Technology
What: OE replacement bolt-on shock system
Where: 714/530-8701, www.kingshocks.com
Wares: The shock bodies are 2 1/2 inches with external reservoirs, and there are reservoir mounting brackets and hardware. An adjustable coil nut allows for raising the FJ 2 inches over stock.
Words: "Off-road dampening and performance while also allowing for adjustable ride-height and lifting capabilities."
Wallet: MSRP is $1,429

129 0904 27 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+readylift suspension

27. Who: ReadyLift Suspension
What: 3-inch SST hybrid suspension lift kit
Where: 877/759-9991, www.readylift.com
Wares: A pair of 3-inch powdercoated steel strut extensions, two front differential drop brackets, two skidplate spacers, and a set of 2-inch rear lift-spring spacers, as well as hardware.
Words: "Requires no cutting or strut spring preloading."
Wallet: MSRP is $440

129 0904 28 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+revtek suspension lift kit

28. Who: Revtek
What: Suspension lift kit
Where: 877/LIFT-TOY, www.revtek.com
Wares: Cast-aluminum preload and top-out spacers in front, polyurethane and longer shock absorbers in the rear, plus hardware.
Words: "Based on the company's split/spacer design, the front is lifted 3 inches and the rear 2 1/2, for a level stance and plenty of room for up to 285/75 tires."
Wallet: $498

129 0904 29 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+rockrailers sliders

29. Who: Rocky Road Outfitters
What: Rockrails and Supersliders rocker guards
Where: 888/801-7271, www.rocky-road.com
Wares: There's 3/16-inch inner hitch steel and powdercoat finishes.
Words: "All Rockrails tuck very tight to the body to minimize the possibility of getting hung up, while still providing an extreme amount of protection for your Toyota."
Wallet: Starting at $319

129 0904 30 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+rollmasters tire cover

30. Who: RollMasters
What: Locking Hard Spare Tire Cover
Where: 888/883-5866, www.tirecoversdirect.com
Wares: High-quality stainless steel with high-impact ABS center-dish faceplate, in DuPont factory paint, and available with signature antichip texture-coated rings.
Words: "Custom sizes available."
Wallet: $329.99

129 0904 31 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+rough country suspension

31. Who: Rough Country
What: 6-inch suspension kit
Where: 800/222-7023, www.roughcountry.com
Wares: Extended steering knuckles, front and lower crossmembers that incorporate alignment cams, integrated front and lower skidplate, new max-flex rear arms, full-length rear coils, adjustable rear track-bar system, and performance 2.2 Series rear shocks.
Words: "This bolt-on suspension package promises to maintain stock ride quality while increasing ground clearance and suspension travel."
Wallet: About $1,279

129 0904 32 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+superwinch winch

32. Who: Superwinch
What: Rock 95 winch
Where: 860/928-7787, www.superwinch.com
Wares: The brake is outside the drum, and comes with 50 feet of synthetic rope, heavy-duty anodized aluminum hawse, Gunnebo latched hook, and an exclusive submersible solenoid.
Words: "A lightweight, extreme low-profile, narrow winch that fits in between the rails of rockcrawling rigs, with a rating of 9,500 pounds and multiple mounting options."
Wallet: MSRP is $1,530 (but you will probably find in the $1,299 range)

129 0904 33 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+top gun lift kit

33. Who: Top Gun Customz
What: 3-inch lift package
Where: 877/274-9362, www.topguncustomz.com
Wares: Front strut extensions for 3 inches of front lift, rear 1 1/2-inch poly spacers, and Nitro 9000 Series rear shocks.
Words: "Retains factory front struts for a factory ride. Recommended tire size is 33x11.50."
Wallet: Around $239

129 0904 34 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+total chaos long travel

34. Who: Total Chaos Fabrication
What: Long-travel system
Where: 951/737-9682, www.chaosfab.com
Wares: Includes tie-rod extensions, stainless DOT brake lines, 1-inch Teflon-lined uniballs, and mounting hardware.
Words: "Adds up to 4 inches of lift and cycles 11 1/2 inches of wheel travel with four-wheel drive. It does not require fiberglass fenders to be installed to run a 285/R75 tire."
Wallet: MSRP is $3,325 (kit and 4340 extended axles)

129 0904 35 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+trd supercharger

35. Who: Toyota Racing Development (TRD)
What: Dealer-installed supercharger package
Where: 800/688-5912, www.trdusa.com
Wares: Eaton roots-type rotating components in a one-piece integral manifold, supercharger assembly, water-to-air intercooler system, high-flow fuel injectors, spark plugs, serpentine drive belt system.
Words: "304 hp @ 5,400 rpm and 334 lb-ft of torque at 3,600 rpm."
Wallet: $4,500 plus installation

129 0904 36 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+tuff country lift kit

36. Who: Tuff Country
What: EZ-Ride 3-inch suspension lift kit
Where: 800/288-2190, www.tuffcountry.com
Wares: Upper coil/strut spacer, rear coil-spring spacers.
Words: "Allows FJ owners to upgrade to 295/R70 tires. Designed around front strut spacers and rear coil-spring spacers to maintain a near-factory ride."
Wallet: Around $249

129 0904 37 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+trail master suspension

37. Who: Trail Master Suspension
What: 3-inch leveling kit
Where: 928/636-7080, www.p-a-g.net
Wares: CNC-machined aluminum front coil spacer and polyurethane rear spacers, a thread locker, and hardware.
Words: "Precision fit that prevents the coil springs from binding, providing the owner a smooth and comfortable ride."
Wallet: Around $200

129 0904 38 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+tuffy security console

38. Who: Tuffy Security Products
What: Security console
Where: 800/698-8339, www.tuffyproducts.com/fw
Wares: Internal storage tray, Pry Guard II locking system with 10-tumbler double-bitted lock and heavy-duty latch.
Words: "It provides a comfortable and durable armrest while keeping the original factory drink holder."
Wallet: Approximately $213

129 0904 39 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+warn winch bumper

39. Who: Warn Industries
What: Winch bumper
Where: 800/543-9276, www.warn.com
Wares: Welded one-piece construction, integral winch mount to accept Warn midframe winches up to 12,000 pounds, auxiliary light brackets for Warn lights, integrated guard for the headlights and grille, and lower foglamp mounts. It's black powdercoated.
Words: "A versatile front bumper with the ability to mount a winch."
Wallet: MSRP is $1,374

129 0904 40 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+wet okole seat covers

40. Who: Wet Okole Hawaii
What: Seat covers
Where: 888/246-5653, www.wetokole.com
Wares: Arm- and headrest included. Surfaces have 1/2-inch foam padding; the covers are 100 percent CR 2.6mm neoprene.
Words: "Seat-cover graphics, seatback pocket, lumbar pumps, and heaters are available as options."
Wallet: Starts at $235 per row.

129 0904 41 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+volant cool air intake

41. Who: Volant Cool Air Intakes
What: Sealed air-intake system
Where: 909/476-7225, www.volant.com
Wares: Smooth air ducts, high-temp silicone sleeves, stainless steel clamps, a large air-filter box, and PowerCore filter nano-fiber technology, and a fluted design.
Words: "Prevents dirt, moisture, and engine heat from contaminating your engine's breathing abilities."
Wallet: Retails for $360 (less if you get a five-layer cotton gauze filter)

129 0904 42 z+toyota fj cruiser parts+warrior spare tire spacer

42. Who: Warrior Products
What: Spare-tire spacer
Where: 888/220-6861, www.warriorproducts.com
Wares: Prime for a 6-on-5 1/2 lug pattern, and utilizes metric studs. This pieces fits atop the factory tire carrier mount.
Words: "Can be used on any vehicle with a rear-mounted tire carrier and similar lug pattern, with proper clearance to mount the spacer."
Wallet: MSRP is $74.15

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