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June 2010 What's New - New Products

Posted in Product Reviews on June 1, 2010
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Ram Suspension Options
BDS Suspension has added a 4-inch system to their lineup for the '06-'08 Dodge Ram 1500 platform. The kit includes one-piece laser-cut crossmembers that are made from 1/4-inch steel and are designed with high arches for added ground clearance. A differential skidplate is included to tie the front and rear crossmembers together as well as to protect your differential from obstacles in the dirt. At the heart of the system are two ductile-iron, CNC-machined steering knuckles that maintain the factory steering geometry and turning radius. This system works with the factory stability control system and is covered by BDS's exclusive no-fine-print warranty.
Info: BDS Suspension, 517/279-2135,

Heat Reduction Hood Lift
If you own a Jeep JK equipped with an AEV Heat Reduction Hood, you may want to check out HoodLift's new hands-free hood prop system. The setup allows for easy access under the hood, free of pesky hood props and accidental windshield frame contact. Simply pop open the factory latch mechanisms and watch as your hood retreats to the preset position-out of harm's way. The system integrates simply with basic hand tools and is especially handy for those with suspension lifts or other under-hood modifications.
Info: HoodLift, 800/579-3024,

Titan/Armada Intake Options
Airaid found a way to unlock some of Nissan's hidden horsepower and torque with the all-new QuickFit Intake System for the 2004-10 5.6L Endurance V-8. The new system utilizes the lower portion of the factory airbox to take advantage of the cool outside air. The setup enhances airflow significantly over the stock airbox by utilizing a premium high-flow air filter. On the dyno, it is claimed that the system generates an additional 18 rear-wheel horsepower and 28 lb-ft of torque.
Info: Airaid Filter Company, 800/498-6951,

A Slimmer Welder for the Trail
Premier Power Welder now offers a streamlined control box for their ever-popular on-board welding system. With fewer switches than the previous model, this new welder is easier than ever to operate. The proven design offers battery charging, welding, and a 115-volt DC power source for running electric tools such as grinders and drills. This high-frequency, 100-percent duty cycle welder allows you to ARC-weld, MIG-weld, and TIG-weld just above engine idle.
Info: Premier Power Welder, 800/541-1817,

A Serious Clutch for LS and Ford Modular Engines
If you own a vehicle powered by a LS-series or a Ford Modular 4.6L or 5.4L engine and are looking for a clutch that can handle serious abuse, check this out. The Ram Force 10.5 clutch is a strap-style clutch that does not make the rattling noise commonly associated with other strap-style clutches. The Ram Force 10.5 units use Ram's 300-series steel-backed friction discs that feature an eight-spring hub assembly with urethane-encapsulated springs for added durability, as well as a marcel spring (a thin, wavy device) that helps eliminate the "go-or-no-go" tendency that accompanies most dual-disc clutches. A billet aluminum flywheel rounds out a package that weighs an average of 45 pounds. All 300-series discs are made from organic material for smooth engagement and are more than sufficient to deal with 900 horsepower.
Info: Ram Automotive Company, 803/788-6034,

Benchtop Bandsaw Conversion
New from Swag Offroad, this setup transforms virtually any regular portable bandsaw into a user-friendly benchtop tool for increased versatility and capability. Simply lock the saw in place and plug in the corded foot switch for a simpler way to cut material for small fabrication projects. Constructed from CNC-formed steel plate that is laser-cut for a perfect fit, the unit is both strong and affordable.
Info: Swag Offroad,

A New Compact Heater
Cold winter days just got more comfortable. New from Aqua-Hot Heating Systems comes the innovative Aqua-Hot 100 Off-Road Heater. Connecting to an engine's cooling system, the compact unit quietly and efficiently heats cabs with a brushless, radial axial fan. The economical Aqua-Hot 100 draws less than 0.5 amps, ensuring long hours of warmth without draining the battery. Delivering big heat from a small package, it weighs only 31/2 pounds. The integrated, variable-speed switch reduces wiring and enables the fan to be set from zero to 100 cfm of flow. With a one-year warranty, this versatile heater is a bargain at just $189.99 (at the time of print).
Info: Aqua-Hot Heating Systems, 800/685-4298,

Maximize Your Travel
If you own a torsion bar-equipped pickup or SUV, and are looking to level out the front end, you can do so by adding a pair widely available re-indexed torsion-bar keys. However, this arrangement alone can rob your vehicle of suspension travel and compromise ride quality due to improper shock length. The factory shocks dampen a given range of motion related to the OE ride height; once you ask them to stroke further, problems occur. The new maximum-travel shocks from Rancho address this issue and utilize Rancho's popular RS5000 shocks to function seamlessly with a 21/2-inch torsion-bar leveling kit. Applications for the extended-length shocks include the popular '88-and-newer Chevys and GMCs, '02-'05 Dodges, '97-and-newer Fords, '03-'08 Hummers, and '98-'05 Mazda trucks and SUVs.
Info: Rancho Suspension,

Chevy 1/2-Ton Lift Options
Are you looking to fit a larger tire under you '07-'10 GM 1/2-ton pickup? The folks at ReadyLift developed a win-win solution. The 4-inch SST lift kit system is designed exclusively to clear up to 34-inch tall tires on OE wheels, or 33-inch-tall tires on a typical aftermarket wheel. The innovative design retains the factory struts and shocks for excellent on-road handling, and the whole system is completely bolt-on. Highlights of the kit are a pair of chrome-moly tubular upper control arms that feature factory-style pressed-in ball joints, a pair of billet aluminum differential drop brackets, and a powdercoated steel front differential skidplate.
Info: ReadyLift Suspension, 877/759-9991,

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