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September 2010 What's New

Posted in Product Reviews on September 1, 2010
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Serious Theft Protection
The Python by Masterlock is the world's first fully adjustable locking cable. By creating a lock that combines the best features of a chain and cable, the Python lock has the ability to be cinched tight and locked down in infinite positions. With its non-scratch, weather-resistant lock body, the Python product can stand up to the toughest outdoor conditions. Perfect for securing valuable items inside open top vehicles, the Python provides piece of mind for virtually any scenario. Info: Masterlock, 800/464-2088,

Hand Throttle Control for TJs
If you've ever found it challenging to drive a manual transmission on the trail due to the frequent simultaneous use of the clutch, gas, and brake pedals, Off Road Only has simplified your footwork by adding digital throttle control to a shifter knob. Essentially this conversion adds a second throttle cable to your Jeep TJ, allowing you to control engine rpm by the digits of your hand. This upgrade comes in handy (no pun intended) for negotiating technical rock sections where the clutch and brake pedals must be used at the same time as the throttle. Additionally, this new kit enables users to set a desired rpm preset, thanks to a detent arrangement built right into the knob assembly. The system is ideal for TJs with onboard welders, belt-driven air compressors, and underhood hot-water heaters. Info: Off Road Only, 651/644-2323,

Is Your JK a Canyon Crawler?
Looking for the solution to weak driveshaft woes on your Jeep JK? The Canyon Crawler system is much stronger than OE driveshafts that came on your Jeep. Recommended for lifted applications, these heavy-duty drivelines are strength-tested to accommodate 35-inch tall-tires without issue. Additionally, the setup comes with a more robust slip section that includes a higher spline count, as well as Performance Dynamics U-joints for long life. These shafts are manufactured from tubing with a 0.188-inch wall thickness for all front and two-door rear drivelines. On all four-door applications the system uses 0.134-inch-thick wall tubing. Info: J.E. Reel Driveline, 909/629-9002,

3/4 -Ton Ram Suspension Options
Rancho engineers have released two new 4-inch lift systems for the popular 2010 Ram 2500/3500 trucks and Power Wagons. These new systems provide increased ground clearance while allowing installation of 37-inch tires. The components feature a durable black powdercoated finish and a new durable forged pitman arm to help minimize bumpsteer. Other key features are the heavy-duty, tubular-style upper and lower front control arms. A track bar relocation bracket and extended sway bar end links and rear leaf-spring spacer blocks finish the kit. Neither system requires drivetrain modifications, and the factory wheels can be retained. Info: Rancho Suspension, 734/384-7804,

Sano Switchgear for Toyota Vehicles
New for '05-'10 Toyota Tacomas and all FJ Cruisers, the sPOD utilizes unused switch blanks on the dash and an underhood source control unit to add up to six additional electrical circuits. The system makes it easy to improve the appearance of your electrical accessories without jeopardizing your OEM electrical system. The sPOD lays the foundation for future installations and the unit requires no drilling or cutting. The sPOD's Source unit mounts conveniently under the hood for accessibility and allows easy installation of all electrical accessories. Info: sPOD, 661/755-8139,

Unlimited Air
Virtually all battery-powered air compressors have a part-time duty cycle to prevent overheating. The new XD4000 air compressor from Oasis Offroad changes all this with an exclusive forced air motor and compressor cooling system. The deep-finned head and compressor body are cooled by a 100 cfm fan built into the housing shroud. A second internal fan cools the 5 hp electric motor. This cooling combination provides superior operating temperature reduction resulting in an unrivaled 100% duty-cycle @ 200 psi. Amperage draw while running hovers right around 180 amps with the 12 volt model, and 90 amps with the 24 volt version. Capable of running a 1/2-inch impact wrench without a tank, this compressor is the ultimate accessory for trail fixes, support vehicles, and trailers. Info: Oasis Offroad, 888/966-2747,

Water Methonal Injection for Gas Applications
When introduced into the combustion chamber of supercharged or turbocharged gasoline-powered engines, water and methanol can add up to 80 horsepower. The process results in a significant cooling effect on intake air that is similar to using a traditional intercooler device. A third benefit for such applications is the reduction of detonation-an erratic form of combustion that can cause head gasket failure as well as other engine damage. The SafeInjection-Pro from Snow Performance injects a fine mist of water-methanol into the intake ducting during boost, high load, or upon NOS activation. The device senses system flow and triggers an aggressive tune when flow is within a desired window. This setup works great for high RPM mud boggers and sand cars. Info: Snow Performance, 719/633-3811,

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