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January 2011 What's New

Posted in Product Reviews on January 1, 2011
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Billet Camshafts for 5.7L and 6.1L Hemi Engines
Lunati recently introduced a new line of Voodoo high-performance billet camshafts for Chrysler 5.7L and 6.1L Hemi engines. Designed to meet the needs of daily drivers, trail machines and race vehicles, each works well with blown and nitrous applications. The "mildest" unit (p/n 61900) provides excellent torque at low speeds through mid-range; it is also ideal for Hemi-engine pick-up trucks pulling trailers. The intermediate camshaft (p/n 61901) is ideally suited for higher-performance engines with upgraded valvesprings, aftermarket programmers, and higher stall-speed torque converters. The most aggressive one (p/n 61902) serves a wide range of highly modified applications such as those found in racing. Info: Lunati, 662/892-1500,

Slick Seals for 14-bolt Frontends
If you have ever considered building a GM Corporate 14-bolt axle for the front of your rig, but don't quite know how to locate the inner axle seals, Crane Hi Clearance has the answer. They developed the first 14-bolt axle seal system to use a standard inner axle seal called the Revolution 14. Revolution 14's patent-pending design replaces the original 14-bolt's carrier preload spanner collars with two billet steel spanners that hold standard Dana 60 axle seals. This reusable, cost-effective system eliminates the need for special machining, and it comes with two Revolution 14 spanners, two axle seals, thread sealant and a limited lifetime warranty. Info: Crane Hi Clearance, 303/917-4851,

Breathe Easy
Once installed, these CNC-machined billet aluminum manifolds from North East Xtreme Tech replace the inferior plastic OEM vents and eliminate the chances of dirt or water intrusion. Protect your expensive axles, transfer case or transmission, thanks to a removable threaded cap with special air passage that makes it virtually impossible for dirt or water to get in. These vents include mounting hardware and are available in raw aluminum, or you can choose red or blue anodized colors. The manifolds fit a 5/16-inch line. Info: North East Xtreme Tech, 607/522-4316,

Lighten Up
Guardian Sliders by T&T Customs offer full side protection for the vulnerable body mounts of Jeep JK Wranglers. Constructed of 3/16-inch CNC cut and formed aluminum; these lightweight rockers are perfect for those wanting trail protection without the negative effects of heavy steel products. They cover the body from flare to flare and offer the lightest rocker protection possible for the JK. Info: T&T Custom, 307/775-9565,

4- and 5-inch Lifts for New Super Duty
ReadyLift has introduced a full line of SST Lift, Leveling and Block Kits for the 2011 Ford Super Duty. The line-up includes nine new lift, leveling and block kits. This unique step-up-as-you-go system gives new Super Duty owners the option of lifting the truck in increments until the desired wheel and tire combination is achieved. These kits do not require any permanent modifications to OEM parts, nor do they claim to have any effect on the factory ride quality. Info: ReadyLift, 440/241-3638,

Stainless Roof Racks for Jeeps
Rocky Ridge Products just released a new line of stainless steel roof racks designed for Jeep Wranglers. If you are looking for a way to easily transport kayaks, canoes and other bulky outdoor gear, check out how the Rocky Ridge racks feature curved stainless steel bars that give your Wrangler that finished look, without concern of rust or tarnish. Also cool is the way the system leans back to allow easy access for operation of soft top or hardtop components. Info: Rocky Ridge, 440/241-3638,

LS Motor Mounts Built for Abuse
These new steel motor mounts from Trent Fabrication are made by hand in the U.S. and fit all Chevy/GM-based LS/LQ-type motors. They include all necessary hardware, bushings, and sleeves for the motor side and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Race-proven at King of the Hammers, these mounts offer the perfect solution for those wanting to re-power a tube buggy or Jeep with a late-model GM mill. Info: Trent Fabrication, 775/358-5337,

The Hobart Solution to Any Problem
For demanding metalworking hobbies and every-day tasks, Hobart Welding Products offers a new 15-in-one Multi-Function Tool, featuring all the gadgets required to saw, cut, screw and pry on just about anything. A heavy-duty 420 stainless-steel body outfitted with an anti-slip grip gives the tool a high-quality feel. It also features an LED light and a nylon belt pouch for easy carrying. With an MSRP of $24.99, Hobart's Multi-Function Tool is an affordable option compared to the price of other multi-tools on the market today. Info: Hobart, 800/626-9420,

Oil Analysis Made Easy
Tired of guessing when to change your engine oil? Now you don't have to, thanks to IntelliStick. IntelliStick provides continuous, real-time monitoring of engine oil condition. The system uses a simple, patented conductivity test that applies low voltage with slow varying wave forms across two sensor arrays. The system measures changes in the electrochemical current flow caused by additive package depletion and impurities that accumulate over time in engine oil. As more additives are depleted-most notably antioxidants and detergents-the oil's conductivity is compromised, which leads to a corresponding reduction in the IntelliStick sensor readout. The system informs you of oil level, temperature, and contaminant intrusion via a dash-mounted gauge display. Info: IntelliStick, 888/812-5988,

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