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2011 Holiday Gift Guide

Girl On Creeper
John Cappa | Writer
Posted December 1, 2011

Editor Cappa's Letter To Santa

Every year it seems like Four Wheeler throws together some sort of holiday gift guide with items that may or may not be of interest. This year I decided to put in a little extra effort, ya know, my own personal touch. So I scribbled my very own wish list, the same one I’m sending off to Santa this year. That’s right, these are the gifts I want to find under my tree come Christmas morning! So if you have some greenbacks burning a hole in your pocket and you’re feeling extra generous this year, go ahead and send me one or two of my gift ideas. But look, I know cash has been kinda tight so I’ll understand if I only find the same lump of coal that Santa puts in my stocking every year. Hey, I’m a regular 4x4 kind of guy and if I want it as a gift, it’s very likely just about any 4x4 enthusiast would too. So if you’re shopping for someone else besides me, feel free to steal my gift ideas for them. Trust me, they’ll want this stuff more than new socks and underwear.

#1: Best Creeper Ever
This mechanic’s creeper is named the Rough Rider because it works great where no other creeper has gone before… outdoors and off the pavement! But happy mechanics, farmers, truckers, police officers, RV’ers, off-road, auto enthusiasts, and aircraft owners who have been forced to get out and get under in less-than ideal situations just call it the “off-road creeper.” The 5 3/8-inch-diameter wheels let it roll over just about anything in the way without getting stuck. You’ll never go back to your crappy old creeper once you’ve been on the Rough Rider.
MSRP: $181.95

#2: Fullsize Mutitool
It’s a wrench and a prybar. All someone needs to do is add a hammer face to the Kobalt 15-inch chrome vanadium steel adjustable ironworkers wrench and it would be a dream tool. It’s awesome for aligning holes before inserting bolts, pounding them home, and then tightening them.
MSRP: $30.28

#3: Long Distance Collect Caller
Want to reach out and touch something at 1,000-plus yards with the knock-down force of a freight train? Then ask Santa for the Barrett Model 99 .50 BMG. This single-shot bolt-action .50 caliber rifle uses the same round as the famed Browning “Ma Duce” machine gun. It’s capable of blasting holes through nearly anything, including engine blocks. Don’t forget to ask Santa for a high-power scope and a case of ammo too, at $5-$10 a round it ain’t cheap to fire the Barrett Model 99.
MSRP: $3,999.00

#4: Off-Roader’s Pocket Tool
We all should have a pocket multi-tool but there are many different kinds out there to choose from. The Leatherman Surge just so happens to be the perfect pocket tool for the 4x4 enthusiast. With 21 tools in one it includes all the features you might need when a small problem arises on the trail or at the campsite.
MSRP: $115.00

#5: Top Truck Carnage
Need a break from your significant other’s daily soaps and talk shows. Sit back, have a beer and some popcorn and catch the latest Four Wheeler Top Truck Challenge video. The TTC 2011 video is a two disk set that covers the truck pull, frame twister, mud bog, hill climb, obstacle course, mini Rubicon, and the famed tank trap.
MSRP: $24.99

#6: Go Anywhere Camera
Cameras and four-wheeling have never played well together. The camera always seems to lose to sand, mud, dirt, water, and dropping. So as off-road enthusiasts we all tend to go through cameras. Not anymore though, any of the Olympus Stylus Tough Series Cameras are a great gift idea for the ‘wheeler that loves to capture the moments. They’re all shockproof and waterproof. You really have to try to hurt ‘em.
MSRP: $199.99-$399.99

#7: Go Anywhere Phone
Every four-wheeler needs a bomb-proof cell phone and you can’t get much better element resistance than a Casio Mil-Spec phone. The Casio GZ One Commando, Ravine, and Brigade cell phones are water, shock, and dust resistant. They even include tools tailor-made for outdoor activities such as a compass, a pedometer, a thermometer, and tide tables.
MSRP: $319.00-$449.00

#8: Boil Away
The ability to boil water quickly can be pretty handy when you’re camping. It doesn’t get much faster or easier than boiling water with a Jet Boil Personal Cooking System (PCS). It’s compact and can be used to kill bacteria in woods water, cook freeze-dried meals, or simply make a fresh cup-o-joe.
MSRP: $99.95

#9: Tool One-Upmanship
We all have that snooty buddy that claims his Snap-On or Matco tools are far superior to our lower-cost tools. But wouldn’t it be fun to shut him up? Now you can. None of your buddies are likely to have any titanium tools so they’ll be especially impressed when you whip out your titanium ½-inch ratchet. Other tools are also available.
MSRP: $ 819.95

#10: Do-All-Ford
It doesn’t get much more turnkey than a Ford Raptor. It’s well optioned, very comfortable, extremely capable, and can haul ass over some of the roughest terrain you can find. If you are buying me (or anyone) a truck for the holidays you can’t go wrong with a Ford Raptor SVT F-150. It’s the ½-ton truck everyone loves.
MSRP: $42,570

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