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December 2011 Parts Rack - New Products

Posted in Product Reviews on December 1, 2011
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Cheap Insurance
If you end up with a damaged rear OEM taillight after a tough day on the trail, you risk being ticketed once back on the highway. The inexpensive solution to this scenario is the 12-volt magnetic towing light kit from Harbor Freight. Simply place the lights where others can see them and then plug in the standard 20-foot-long corded four-pin connector. Once operational, you can drive away knowing that your vehicle is within the rules of the road. These lights are also handy for instances when electrical gremlins show up while towing a trailer. Info: Harbor Freight, 800/423-2567,

Cut-To-Fit Axleshafts
Got a custom width or hard to find axlehousing? Sierra Gear and Axle now offers universal cut-to-fit axleshafts for multiple applications including 9-inch Ford, Dana 44, and 60, as well as the 8.75-inch Chrysler. These shafts are available for both stock and custom spline applications, and are available in stock replacement or chromoly material. Each shaft features longer splines, (up to 11 inches) so the axle can be measured and cut-to-fit per application. These versatile axles are also multi-drilled for different bolt patterns. With the correct housing ends, these axles can be used for a wide variety of custom or stock differentials. Info: Sierra Gear & Axle, 800/359-4737,

DIY Shock Mounts
Are you looking for a way to install rear coilover shocks on your Jeep YJ or TJ? If so, think about mounting the upper side of the shock on the outboard side of the frame with these trick frenched mounting kits. Simply cut the outer-side of the frame for adequate clearance and weld these new mounts in place. The kit allows you to run long-travel shocks without cutting holes through the inner fenderwells. Made from CNC-bent 3/16-inch-thick steel, these mounts can be used with coilovers or regular shocks. Info: Dave’s Customs Unlimited, 602/639-1213,

More Power Please
If you are looking for a way to add more oomph to your ’11 and up Ford F-150 with the 5.0L V-8, you should know that options now include a twin-screw-style supercharger from Sean Hyland Motorsports. The unit is 100 percent bolt-on and increases performance from the stock 360hp/380 lb-ft to 510hp/500 lb-ft on 91 octane fuel. The kit comes complete with a pre-assembled intake manifold with internal intercooler, larger injectors, a front-mounted heat exchanger, intercooler pump, computer calibration and all installation hardware. The kit also comes with a standard 3-year warranty. Info: Sean Hyland Motorsports, 519/421-2291,

HD CV Axles for Ram 2500/3500
RCV Performance Products now offers the ultimate upgrade for ’03-and-later Dodge Ram pickups with AAM 9.25-inch front axles. These axles are designed to replace the universal-jointed front axleshafts, and have been tested to be twice as strong as the original equipment shafts. The design also eliminates U-joint binding to allow smooth steering in all conditions. These shafts are made in the U.S. and come with RCV’s patented Spherical Sealing Technology to provide much greater resistance to punctures and tears than a traditional rubber CV boot. Ultimate CV Axles are backed with a “No Questions Asked” limited lifetime warranty. Info: RCV Performance, 815/877-7473,

Trick Axle Seals
Check out the new 9-inch seal housing kit from Trail-Gear. These high-quality seals are machined from billet aluminum, and feature three O-rings on the outer surface of the seal housing, as well as a double seal on the inside. It’s tapered on the inside so that the axleshaft is lined up with the seal housing as it is installed. It would be difficult to damage these seals during axleshaft swaps. The seal housing itself is secured in place with a set screw so that it cannot move or be pushed out of place when the axleshafts are installed. These seals are available for any front Ford 9-inch axle using 3- and 3½-inch tubing with either 1⁄4-or 3⁄8-inch wall thickness. Info: Trail-Gear, 559/252-4950,

Long-Life U-Joints for Less
Check out the new Superior Joint from Superior Axle & Gear. Improvements in both strength and longevity are achieved thanks to an intelligent design and the application of high-grade materials. Starting with a forged 4340 chromoly crosssection, the joint features tighter tolerances than most traditional U-joints. Incorporated in the design are high-quality bearing caps that utilize needle bearings, unlike some extreme duty U-joints offered today, which rely solely on specialty grease and surface treatment. The new joint is available for Dana 30 and 44 at a price far less than any other chromoly joints on the market. Coming soon for Dana 60 applications as well. Info: Superior Axle & Gear, 888/845-0470,

Trailer Treads
Carlisle has combined two technologies on this tread to excel at the rigorous demands of trailer tires. With an emphasis on heat dissipation, this tire uses a mixture of specially formulated polymer compounds blended to resist heat soaking on long hauls. For trailer tires, heat build-up is the most common cause of failure. For increased strength, the construction also incorporates robust micro-fiber reinforcement and advanced steel belting technology to achieve superior integrity. Info: Carlisle Transportation Products, 800/827-1001,

Pin It
Daystar’s new hood pin kits utilize polyurethane grommets that help keep the hood isolated from its attachment points. Without these grommets, fiberglass hoods tend to crack around their mounting points. The grommet allows a certain amount of give, which enables the fiberglass to flex as needed, yet still maintain a positive means of attachment. The kit includes a 5⁄8-inch-diameter steel pin along with stainless steel fasteners to attach the grommet to the hood. A spring retaining clip rounds out the kit. Info: Daystar, 800/595-7659,

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