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December 2011 Shop Space

Posted in Product Reviews on December 1, 2011
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About a year ago, we came across a new product that was designed to wake up tired garage floors, while adding some flair and protection to the shop space. G-Floor RaceDay Peel & Stick Floor Tiles by BLT are a durable protective flooring product that comes in tile form with an adhesive backing for easy installation.

These diamond-tread-patterned tiles have a glossy finish and are available in 12 popular colors (red, purple, black, gold, sandstone, grey, orange, white, silver, blue, yellow, and green), with availability in either 12x12-inch or 24x24-inch sizes. The RaceDay tiles are a little thicker than a nickel, which allows them to be flexible and conform better to uneven garage floors versus rigid locking tiles. When installed properly, they provide a protective barrier over concrete floors.

The RaceDay tiles are manufactured from virgin vinyl here in the U.S. and won’t crack, chip, or otherwise distort. BLT offers a five-year warranty, and because the adhesive won’t fully cure, tiles are easily replaced or repositioned. In addition to hiding cracks or stains and creating a vapor barrier, RaceDay tiles are resistant to battery acid, oil, salt, antifreeze, and alkali. After learning about the benefits, we were interested enough in the product that we requested a sample for our own garage floor, which was suffering from extreme neglect and wear. Our floor had some cracking and was an old epoxy do-it-yourself job; it was starting to chalk and deteriorate and needed a serious facelift.

RaceDay Tiles feature an adhesive backing for easy installation.

For our floor, we chose the 24-inch tiles in red and grey to create a checkerboard pattern. After a thorough cleaning of the floor to remove dirt, dust, grease, oil, chemicals, and any other contaminants that could affect the adhesive, we marked the centerline of the garage with a chalk line and worked our way out to the edges, ensuring that our pattern was laid down square to the floor.

While the vinyl is tough, scoring it with a utility knife and bending the tile back and forth is the best way to trim it to size and get clean lines. We were able to easily create the odd shapes needed for the corners and edges using this method. The entire installation took an afternoon, and the finished product provided the transformation we were looking for.

Not only does our garage look great, but the cleanup of dirt and oil is easy. Dust is easily swept away and chemicals can be cleaned up with a wipe of a rag. In the year since we have had the tiles, we have cleaned them once with a mop and mild soap, and the floor looks just as good now as it did when we first installed them.

After a year of abuse, we can tell you that RaceDay tiles continue to live up to their billing as tough floor protection, and they remain the centerpiece of our busy garage.


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