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SEMA 2012 - New Products

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SEMA | Photographer
Posted March 1, 2013

The Latest From The Ultimate Auto Expo

By the time you read this the 2012 SEMA show will be a wrap. For those new to the scene, SEMA stands for the Specialty Equipment Market Association. It’s made of a collection of original equipment and aftermarket manufacturers. Each year SEMA has its largest gathering at the Las Vegas Convention Center where manufactures of all sizes come to showoff new wares. It’s usually a hotbed for innovative new products and this year was no exception. Gathered here is a glimpse into some of the cool new products we ran across while roaming around the show. For more information on SEMA, and to find out how you can be a part of this year’s show, be sure to check it out online at

Multimatic 200
The Multimatic 200 from Miller provides MIG, TIG, and stick welding capabilities in a portable package. The 29-pound welding system is designed to connect to 120- and 230-volt power receptacles using the Miller-exclusive multi-voltage plug. The Multimatic 200 is also equipped with the Auto-Set Elite feature which allows the operator to quickly set weld parameters based on the material type and thickness.
Info: Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

E-Street Injection
Edelbrock’s E-Street electronic fuel injection and fuel system kits are designed to work on any V-8 engine that was originally equipped with a carburetor. The Edelbrock E-Street EFI system includes a pre-assembled throttle body, engine control unit (ECU), 7-inch touch-screen tablet PC, high-quality wiring harness, wide-band O2-sensor, and instructions. The proprietary E-Tuner application allows the user to set up the system and modify the tune to accommodate future engine upgrades. Multiple options are available as well as Edelbrock’s returnless-style fuel kit (#3603), which works best when upgrading an existing carbureted fuel system to a high-pressure EFI capable setup.
Info: Edelbrock

Alloy Joints
Alloy USA’s heavy-duty ball joints are designed for the ’07-to-present Jeep Wrangler JK and ’99-’04 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ. Unlike factory ball joints which use plastic inserts, Alloy fits each joint with a high-strength steel socket. A low-profile grease fitting makes the joints serviceable and the SAE 4140 chromoly ball joints are assembled using a threaded-preload system that’s said to increase the joints strength and durability.
Info: Alloy USA

JK Brakes
Wilwood Engineering’s big brake kit is designed for the ’07 to present Jeep Wrangler JK. The brake kit includes forged-billet, Superlite four-piston calipers in a black powdercoat, 14 x 1.25-inch GT asymmetrical-face slot-pattern rotors, and Wilwood’s BP-10 performance street pads. Each bolt-on kit comes fitted with aluminum hats, caliper mounting brackets and all necessary hardware. A stainless steel braided flex-line hose kit (#220-11237) is necessary and must be ordered separately.
Info: Wilwood Engineering

Digital 400
The Digital 400 12-volt Performance Maintainer and Battery Charger from Optima Batteries is designed to charge and maintain a variety of applications, including those in the automotive, RV, motorcycle, and lawn and garden categories. The Digital 400 has a charge rate of up to four amps on large batteries and three amps on small batteries. It can also be used to keep all 12-volt AGM and flooded batteries healthy during storage. Additionally, the Digital 400 is designed to automatically maximize battery life and performance with Optima’s built-in battery health mode.
Info: Optima Batteries

Odyssey Performance
The Odyssey Performance Series battery line from EnerSys is designed specifically for consumer applications, which do not require as many cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC) minutes as Odyssey’s Extreme Series batteries. The Performance Series batteries are still said to deliver more deep cycling capabilities for parasitic loads over conventional batteries. Each battery is constructed of a market-accepted polypropylene case and cover that resists oil, cleaners and gasoline.
Info: Odyssey Batteries

Truck Bodyguard
The Assault Series front replacement bumpers from Bodyguard Truck Accessories can now be optioned with the Sport Guard, Rigid Dually light mounts, and integrated winch mount. Bodyguard offers a full line of front and rear bumpers for fullsize GM, Ford, Dodge, and Toyota trucks.
Info: Bodyguard Truck Accessories

Prestige Flare
Prestige Fender Flares offer an exclusive textured finish designed to minimize the appearance of scuffs and scratches, while increasing the durability of the flares. The textured line is available for all existing part numbers and does not require any drilling to install. The newest part numbers include applications for the ’09-’13 Ram 1500 and the ’07-’13 Toyota Tundra.
Info: Prestige Fender Flares

LED Fogs
Rigid Industries LED fog light replacements for the ’07 to present Jeep Wrangler JK are available in two versions. The company offers a 1300-lumen Dually kit and a more powerful 2600- lumen Dually D2. A complete wiring harness is included along with black powdercoated stainless steel brackets and mounting instructions.
Info: Rigid Industries

Digital CJ
Dakota Digital’s VHX-55J direct-fit analog instrument system is designed for the ’55-’86 Jeep CJ. Each kit comes with blue or red LED backlit faces and needles in machined housings with carbon-fiber or silver-alloy faces. Solid-state sensors and an intuitive control box are supplied as well.
Info: Dakota Digital

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