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Great Goodies To Gift Yourself | Holiday Buyer's Guide

Factor 55 Prolink Cable Installed
Chris Rogers | Writer
Posted January 1, 2013
Photographers: Off-Road Staff

The Cool-Stuff Collection

What’s all this “giving is better than receiving” mumbo jumbo? What have you bought yourself lately?! This holiday season, while you’re busy standing in long lines or with your eyes glazed over surfing the mail-order websites, remember to take care of number one with some cool gifts that you know the recipient will appreciate!

Classy Concept

Got an older engine that you want a little more style on? Check out Airaid’s new Concept II universal air filter that fits most V-8 carburetors and throttle bodies in smog-exempt vehicles. It uses the SynthaMax no-oil filter media, so you know you’ll never have oil splash on the nice aluminum lid that can be powdercoated or polished for a shine. The Concept II also comes with a nice machined flush nut plate and billet tool to tighten the air filter on. You can get yours in a 3-, 4-, or 5-inch height depending on how much room you have under the hood.

(800) 498-6951

Composite Fairleads

Want to keep weight down on your off-road toy? Ditching heavy steel and iron pieces in favor of lightweight aluminum and composite pieces can net you a substantial amount of weight loss if you really set your mind (and wallet) to it. A good place to start ditching weight is outside the wheelbase of the vehicle (namely bumpers and bumper accessories). This weight (or loss of) will most affect the way your vehicle performs. Fourtreks has a graphite-impregnated composite Hawse fairlead that weighs less than a pound and guarantees smooth edges and no line grabbing of synthetic winch ropes.

(818) 517-6145

ProLink Cable

Do you want a hook that a strap can slide off of, or would you rather have a billet ProLink end that accepts a 3/4-inch shackle pin to lock a strap on? Factor 55’s new ProLink is machined from 6061 aluminum and uses a 5/8-inch double-sheer cross pin that attaches the ProLink to the winch cable. The anodized cable end (available in five colors) isn’t just for good looks either—it can take up to a 9-ton pull and works with steel or synthetic ropes, and both Hawse and roller fairleads.

Factor 55
(208) 639-1674


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Firewall Boot

This is probably the most inexpensive thing on our list, but maybe the most needed. We can find wires running straight through sheetmetal on two out of three trucks at any off-road event. We have no doubt you know that wires can fray if not insulated from sharp edges. It’s time to do something about it! Daystar’s Firewall boots are around $12 and you only need to drill a 1.5-inch hole to use them.


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