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New Products - Hardware - February 2013

Posted in Product Reviews on February 1, 2013
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Photographers: The Manufacturers

Synergy Ball Joints
Synergy Suspension’s new ball joints are stronger than GM 1-ton ball joints. They last longer, too, because the nylon ball socket has been eliminated. Synergy’s metal-on-metal design combines strength, longevity, and affordability.

• The ball joint shank does not neck down at the base, so stress risers are eliminated. A grease groove is machined into the ball itself, providing a channel that delivers lubrication

• Sintered metal-on-metal bushing design resists wear, and the ball joint is spring-loaded to take up slack and eliminate slop throughout the life of the part
For more information, contact:
Synergy Suspension
(805) 242-0397

Ultra Slick
Royal Purple’s Ultra Performance Grease is slick stuff indeed. This is a synthetic aluminum-complex grease that uses proprietary technology that Royal Purple calls Synslide. What does Synslide do? It’s a key ingredient in a general-purpose grease that allows bearings to run cooler and quieter, reduces vibrations, resists heat, and stays in place.

• Use for all kinds of chassis and general lubrication where a high-quality, long-lasting grease is essential

• Available in a 14.5-ounce tube that’s compatible with common grease guns
For more information, contact:
Royal Purple Inc.

Dana 60 Truss
Sky’s Off-Road Design has a new Dana 60 axle truss that does double duty. First, it strengthens and reinforces the housing. Second, it provides an ideal mounting base for suspension links.

• Designed for Chevy-model Dana 60 front axles from 1976 to 1987 as well as factory solid front axles from 1988 to 1991

• Welds to the axle tubes and to the center section. When welding to the center section, preheating is recommended as well as using Ni-55 filler (rod, wire) material. Sky’s Dana 60 front truss is made from hefty quarter-inch-thick American steel and has been trail tested by the crew at Sky’s Off-Road Design before it was released to the general ’wheeling public
For more information, contact:
Sky’s Off-Road Design
(541) 736-3743

Pro Comp La Paz Wheel
Racing in Baja is always epic, but the coup de grace is the Baja “Mil” when the course goes all the way to La Paz. Pro Comp salutes Baja racing with the La Paz wheel, designed to get you and your crew to whatever epic destination you can dream up.

• Super-strong split five-spoke design is desert-racing and short-course inspired. Available in 16- and 17-inch diameters to fit many popular trucks, trail rigs, and SUVs

• The bead area of the wheel is extra thick to add strength. The simulated bead lock adds a dose of style but is daily driver–friendly and has none of the hassles that come with maintaining true bead lock wheels
For more information, contact:
Pro Comp
(800) 776-0767

Powermaster LS Starters
When it comes to powertrain performance parts, Chevy and GMC owners have it made. Powermaster’s new line of high-performance starters for the GM LS-series engines adds yet another performance option for enthusiasts.

• Applications cover everything from stock engines all the way up to 18:1 compression ratios

• A 6-to-1 planetary gearset provides powerful starting torque in a compact package. Twelve clocking positions allow the starter to be configured to fit with custom headers, oil cooler lines, and kick-out oil pans
For more information, contact:
Powermaster Performance
(630) 957-4019

Stealthy Staun II Bead Locks
If you want the tire-retention and ultra-low air-down capabilities that bolt-style bead lock wheels offer without the hassles that go with them, Staun II dual internal bead locks may be the answer. The Staun II is an inflatable ring that installs inside your tire and locks both inner and outer tire beads against the rim’s bead seats. There are no bolts to torque and no issues with DOT compliance.

• Internal bead lock is inflated to 50 psi, which retains the wheel on both inner and outer bead seats. An additional benefit is that the internal bead lock functions as a secondary bumpstop, which reduces or prevents wheel and tire damage during hard impacts

• Staun II internal bead locks can be transferred from wheel set to wheel set as long as you stay with the same wheel size. Available for 15-, 16-, and 17-inch wheel sizes
For more information, contact:
Coyote Enterprises
(949) 645-7733

Dial Your Radflo Damping
External compression adjusters are easy to use and are very effective in real-world situations. Soften your ride for the street, and then dial in the control you need in the dirt. Radflo’s new external compression adjuster puts damping control at your fingertips.

• Available as an option for both 2- and 2.5-inch-diameter Radflo reservoir shocks

• Twenty-six adjuster positions let you choose from a wide range of ride adjustments and can be added to existing Radflo reservoir shocks
For more information, contact:
Radflo Suspension Technology
(714) 965-7828

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