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A Moab Unveiling - The Latest Parts For Your Jeep

The Latest Parts For Your Jeep Nemesis Industries Bumper
Verne Simons
| Senior Editor, Jp
Posted July 1, 2013
Photographers: JP Staff

New Products At Moab Easter Jeep Safari

Although many ground-breaking automotive products are debuted at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, more and more off-road-specific products are first seen at the Spanish Trail Arena vendors’ showcase during the Moab Easter Jeep Safari. As a result when it’s SEMA time, we could take it or leave it, but we await Easter Jeep Safari’s annual vendor show with baited breath. What did we see? What did we find? Well, lots of cool stuff! Here are a few of the new things we were excited to see at the 2013 Moab Easter Jeep Safari vendor show.

They Go Both Ways
The folks at Mopar noticed all the attention Ford’s SVT Raptor beadlock wheels are getting from the off-road aftermarket and wanted a piece of the pie. Heck, why not? Jeep’s been building specialty off-road vehicles known as…er…Jeeps for years. It’s our understanding that the new Mopar beadlocks will “go both ways,” in that you can either mount the tire on the wheel normally like a regular DOT-legal application or use the outer beadlock ring to clamp the outer bead to the wheel. Hmm, that’s the same idea as the Ford Motorsports Raptor wheel…interesting.
Information: Mopar
888/528 HEMI (888/528-4364),

It’s Getting Hot in Here
Drive a ’07-’11 JK? Want more power from the 3.8L V-6? We found a dyno-tested 18hp, 22 lb-ft improvement for your JK with the Airaid MXP Cold Air Intake system. It starts with a one-piece, roto-molded intake box that bolts in place of the restrictive factory box. This box is completely enclosed, bolts in place of the factory unit, and uses the factory cold air inlet duct. This means your air filter is still protected from water on those occasional deep-water assaults and still accepts many aftermarket snorkel kits since it has the same mouth opening as the factory air box. The box has an integrated velocity stack and bolts to a new, less restrictive intake tube. Filtration in the box comes from a massive 1100 cfm Premium Air Filter that is available with either Airaid SynthaFlow composite or SynthaMax oil-free filter material. Of course, all mounting hardware is also included for a simple install. All this, and it is made right here in the good ol’ US of A.
Information: Airaid

BDS Rubbers
We’ve known Richard since he was a small child, and therefore we refuse to use his nickname. We call him Richard, but we will admit that he is now a rather a large man. Luckily for you, we ran into Richard…or really, some of the people who work at his suspension company, BDS, in Moab. They told us about the company’s new control arms that are now available with vibration-destroying, OEM-quality, vulcanized Cleavite rubber bushings. Anyone who drives a lifted Jeep knows that rubber bushings in the control arms are the best way to ensure a nice vibration-free ride, and now the same can be said about BDS lift-kit-wearing JKs, TJs, XJs, MJs, WJs, and ZJs. If you are into lots of flex, adjustability, and minimizing vibration, you can opt for BDS’s adjustable-length control arms. These arms come with the new rubber bushings on one end and BDS’s new threaded forged flex ends on the other.
Information: BDS Suspension

Attention! Half Door on Deck!
Quit eyeballing me, you slime bag. Stand at attention when a superior Jeep officer addresses you to tell you about Strike Force Zebra’s new Tactical Half Doors for JKs and JK Unlimited that we came across at the Moab vendor show. These fully assembled and ready-to-install thermal plastic doors are domestically produced and are a one-piece design. They are UV and impact-resistant and virtually eliminate all door rattling. These lockable (from the outside) plastic half doors are also one third the weight of the factory doors (saving nearly 200 lbs on JK Unlimited), look cool, and provide gobs of storage inside the door all while sealing out dirt, mud, and water that your JK’s tires may kick up on the trail. Get some, Jeep soldier!
Information: Strike Force Zebra

Retro Faux Metal Fenders
We absolutely love the looks of old iconic Jeeps like the flatfender. That’s one reason we almost immediately fell in love with the looks and idea of MCE’s Flexible “Flatty-Style” fenders for YJ, TJ, and CJ. Well, continuing with its outside-the-box thinking, MCE also had a few new products to show us at this year’s Easter Jeep Safari vendor show. Shown here is its new faux-metal Flexible “Flatty Style” fender. Somehow, and we are not sure how (maybe using alien technology…wink wink) MCE was able to affix a stainless steel like surface to its flat fenders changing the look while retaining the flexibility, strength, and impact resistance of the original black TPO plastic. Also at the show, but not shown here, were a few examples of MCE’s JK flat fenders that are also now available. All products feature a lifetime warranty against cracking for the original buyer and require trimming of the stock fender for TJ, CJ, and YJ. The new JK version does not require any cutting of sheetmetal (although you need to trim the fender liner if you want to run it) and includes exact fit die-stamped 6061 aluminum grille brackets.
Information: MCE Modern Classic Enterprises

No More Cut and Splice
So if you have ever wanted to run a multiport 4.0L in a Jeep that did not come from the factory with one you had a real task ahead of you. You’d have to track down not only the engine and accessories but also the wiring harness and computer. But wait there’s more. You’d also have to track down a factory service manual for the year and model of the Jeep the 4.0L came out of. Is that it? Nope. Keep dreaming. You’d also have to relive your failed electrical engineering career as you read through pages upon pages of wiring harness diagrams as you trim out the seat heater circuits, power mirrors etc. Lastly, once you’re all done you would have to cross your fingers and prey you did not cut out one of the important wires. The good news is that you now have another option. That’s because 505 Performance has partnered up with FAST to create the 505 Performance EZ EFI Standalone system for 4.0L by using the factory Jeep components to create a self-tuning, stand-alone system that can be used with any transmission.
Information: 505 Performance

Moar Bumpers, Pleeez!
Jeep people like bumpers. Yep, we do! Mountain Off Road Enterprises, aka M.O.R.E. knows this and showed up to EJS with its newest winch bumper for JKs. This full-width, high-clearance bumper is designed and built to fit any ’07-up JK (PN JFB505). Made of welded 3⁄16-inch steel plate, the bumper follows the factory body lines around the wheelwell and just under the bottom of the grille. The bumper is available with or without the winch protector hoop and comes in bare finish or with a textured black powdercoating (shown). The wings on the sides of the bumper tuck tightly up against the factory JK front fenders and add protection while allowing for gobs of ground clearance.
Information: Mountain Off Road Enterprises

Please Allow Dave To Introduce…Dave’s…Self
If you have not yet spent time perusing the huge amount of custom parts available from Dave’s Customs Unlimited’s website, then you owe it to yourself to do so. Just be sure to allow a few hours, cause you are gonna get sucked into looking at and dreaming about all the pretty parts. When we saw Dave’s booth at the EJS vendor show, we started feeling like the fat kid at the candy store…again. There was so much to see! This included new-to-Moab EJS ’13 tube fenders for ’76-’06 CJ, YJ, and TJ. Best part is that the TJ fenders include a mini inner fenderwell so you don’t have to cut up your stock fenders. Drool, drool, drool.
Information: Dave’s Customs Unlimited

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