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Comeup Seal Series 9.5 RSI Winch Review

Comeup Pulls U Up Winch Review Winch Pulling Gmc Suburban
Fred Williams
| Brand Manager, Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off Road
Posted June 23, 2013

A Worldwide Winch Comes to the U.S.

The winch industry seems to have newcomers every other week, and though some are definitely new, the Comeup brand is just new to the U.S. In business since 1975 in Taiwan, Comeup sells winches in over 60 counties and just now breaking into the American market.

These winches are sold in over 60 countries

We bolted a Seal Series 9.5 RSI winch on the front of our CheapBurban, an ’86 GMC Suburban whose bumper we built out of pipe in May ’13. Then we headed out to the dirt for some R&R (relaxation and recovery). The 9.5 had no problem dragging our big truck and has a plethora of unique features, such as an external cone brake and dual remotes in the winch market.

Comeup has a full line of utility and recovery winches all the way up to an 24-volt unit rated for 18,000 pounds for the biggest of big trucks that find their way into sticky situations.


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Comeup winches are available with either steel winch rope or synthetic. We opted for 100 feet of 3⁄8-inch-diameter Dyneema SK-75 synthetic because of the weight savings, safety of rope, and approach angle of the hawse fairlead.


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