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September 2013 New Products

Dirty Dog Strap Webbing
Pete Trasborg
| Brand Manager, Jp
Posted August 22, 2013
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The Latest Products For Your Jeep

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  • See-Through Top
    For your Jeep, you pervs. Bikini tops are cool and all, but they flap, they are loud, and if you get caught in a rain storm, they can pool water and leak. Not only that, but you can't see through them and truly get that open-sky experience. The Lid from Three Rivers Design is a cool combination of a hardtop and a bikini top with all the benefits of both. It is made from a tinted polycarbonate that cuts down heat and blocks 100 percent of UV rays. Available for '97-present Wranglers, a rear support tube is included in the kit and features a three-year warranty.
    Information: Three Rivers Design

  • Step It Up
    Tired of climbing your Jeep like a monkey to get something off the top of the rollbar or roof rack? Monkey no more. AMP Research is well known for its PowerStep, but many of us bash our rockers too hard to make use of it. Well, what if there was a manual step that was smaller and could be tucked away? Enter the BedStep. It is about 12 inches wide and is manually operated. Just grab it with your toe and step. It can be tucked up tight easily in the rear corners of the Jeep and will end your monkey dance to get gear off the top of the vehicle.
    Information: AMP Research

  • Portal Answer
    You never hear about how much wider bolt-on portal boxes can make your axles. If you use regular 3- or 4-inch backspace wheels they can make your Jeep up to a 12 inches wider overall. These wheels from Hummer Products solve that issue with an 8-inch backspacing and a lot of cool features. The beadlock ring is 0.517-inch-thick and has two sets of bead seats including one for BFG Inner Liner run flats. The Time Serts ensure that you can install and remove the lock ring multiple times without stripping out the threads.
    Information: Hummer Products

  • Pull a 180
    Rogue Fabrication has just made it easier for you to bend tube with its new air-powered tubing bender. For just $595 it includes the bender, a degree indicator, and a set of dies. All the Rogue Fabrication dies are capable of 180-degree bends and cost only $199 including shipping. The only thing you need to add is the air/hydraulic cylinder, which runs around $80. The bender is a heavyweight too, being capable of bending 13⁄4-inch diameter, 0.50-wall DOM tubing.
    Information: Rogue Fabrication

  • Chatter Killer
    Does your JK have some weird vibration, noise, or feedback in the steering column? It is called chatter and is now easy to get rid of. It is most often caused by too much slop in the slip joint of the steering shaft. Welding that slip joint just isn't an option, so Misch 4x4 has introduced its Steering Shaft Chatter Eliminator. It puts just enough side load on that slip joint through a spring, thereby eliminating all of those issues. The Eliminator costs just $59.99 and installs quickly if you follow the included step-by-step instructions.
    Misch 4x4

  • Under-Seat ARB
    If you've got a JK and you want one of those new double-pumper ARB electric air compressors but can't find a place to put it, your problem is solved. Stop trying to squeeze it under the hood or put it under the Jeep where it can be damaged—put it under the passenger seat with this slick bracket from Carolina Metal Masters. This 6061 billet aluminum bracket easily mounts the compressor under the seat like it was meant to be there. Two brackets are available, one that allows the compressor to slide forward with the seat, and one that remains stationary. Either way, the brackets fit '07-present Wranglers and are CNC-machined with easy-to-read orientation.
    Information: Carolina Metal Masters

  • Hard Break-In
    If you are worried about the lack of zinc in oils today, or even if you just built or bought a new engine for your Jeep, you should run a break-in additive. Today's engine oils don't have the additive package that they did even five years ago, and that can damage our older, non-roller-cammed engines. Some cam manufacturers make break-in oil, but it can be hard to find. Now Champion Oil has SAE 30 oil that is perfect for most Jeep engines. This Powershield oil is trusted by many engine builders, and is available in 12-quart cases, 5-gallon drums, and 55-gallon barrels.
    Information: Champion Brands

  • Anti-Black
    "Any color you want as long as it's black" was a famous quote from Henry Ford, and we always thought that strap manufacturers must be related. For so long, black was the only strap webbing color you could get. Whether you use it to hold the animals in or the gear down, webbing or netting can be very useful. Now available in six colors that aren't black, Dirty Dog 4x4 offers webbing that matches your personality. Like the regular black webbing, the colored options are made from heavy-duty polypropylene and are stitched and grommet-reinforced.
    Information: Dirty Dog 4x4

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