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New Venture Gear's NVG241J - Transfer Case

Posted in Product Reviews on December 1, 2002
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Photographers: John White

You've heard about it, dreamt about it, and actually seen a photo or two of it. Some of you have touched it, and a lucky few have shifted the new NVG241J transfer case from New Venture Gear into low range. Designated the Rock-Trac when found in the new Rubicon Wrangler from Jeep, this 4:1 low-range transfer case has all the right parts in all the right places.

Also identified as NVG241OR, the Jeep is the only chassis "officially" confirmed as a recipient of the new gearbox. However don't be surprised if you see more applications forming soon with the help of aftermarket adapters. Recognizing the potential interest the new 4:1 unit will bring, NVG has formalized production plans to allow for aftermarket distribution of the unit as well as the automotive production line. This means that the field is wide open for anyone to get their hands on one of these boxes and install it into an older vehicle. All NVG aftermarket distributors will have access to the NVG241J so acquiring one should not be difficult.

Sure to be a smash with the aftermarket, the new NVG241J transfer case will certainly open many opportunities for both fullsize trucks and SUVs. While similar to the earlier NP231J transfer cases found in a zillion Jeeps, the 241J identified the weaknesses of that unit and corrected them, and it has a lower 4:1 reduction low range instead of the ho-hum 2.72 stock ratio. Key differences include a stronger case, 4:1 reduction, 32-spline front and rear output shafts, a larger oil pump, and a fixed rear yoke.

We contacted JB Conversions (an NVG aftermarket distributor), who helped us with this exclusive in-depth look at the new transfer case and how it compares to the familiar NP231. This particular 4:1 was being disassembled and prepped with a different input gear at JB Conversions so that it could be bolted up to a stock TH700R4 transmission in a Jeep YJ. JB Conversions has long been at the forefront of helping to develop new gear combos, so we knew we were at the right place. This new transfer case offering by NVG is its latest product to hit the market but not the last by far. Now that NVG has approved the new 4:1 for production, we will be interested in looking for both conventional and unconventional places to use it.


JB Conversions
Sulphur, LA 70664

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