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Mile Marker E9000 Electric Winch - Neat New & Basic

Winch Kit
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted October 1, 2003

When you hear the name MileMarker, you think locking hubs or the hydraulic winches that the military uses. For some people these hydraulic winches are ideal. For others, an electric winch might be a better choice. Yet for others, the only thing you need is a rubber hose to beat yourself with because there isn't any way in hell that a winch will get you out of the mess you just created.

MileMarker knows that certain applications call for different approaches, so it is now offering electric winches in its lineup. The company's new electric line definitely gives the best value in terms of pull-to-dollar ratio, as the 9,000-pound version retails for around $450 (that's 20 pounds per dollar, folks). When we heard about this price tag, we knew it would be just right to fit the theme of our budget vehicle, the 5KXJ. Since we had never tried a MileMarker electric winch, this was a good opportunity.