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1986 Toyota Truck Pro Am Kar Tek Seats - Neat New & Basic

Posted in Product Reviews on April 1, 2004 Comment (0)
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If you're going to jump your truck you'll want a good set of seats. Believe it or not, we enjoy jumping our free farm truck, Clampy. To do that we added a new suspension and some safety gear (Mar. '04), and the fenders and battery box you saw in "Simple Installs" (Oct. '03). This month we wanted to show you one of the quickest upgrades to make your rig jump-ready: installing a set of Pro-Am seats from Kar Tek.

Though similar to other suspension-style seats, these are quite affordable and come with brackets to make them bolt-in replacements for some Toyota trucks, Jeep CJs and YJs, and some Volkswagens and Fords. Kar Tek also offers a universal slider bracket to mount the seats into almost any vehicle with a few modifications.

Our '86 Toyota had some pretty bad seats. For years we suffered from "bar in the back" syndrome till we stuffed some extra foam in the seats to make them better. Then we suffered from "pillow seat," which, though better, was never really comfortable. Finally, after just two hours of work we had the new Kar Tek seats in and we were much happier to drive all day, whether on the street or trail. And soon we'll go jumping again as well.


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