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September 2008 New Products

Jet Q Jet
Posted September 1, 2008

Q-jets are great carbs but they don't last forever. Luckily JET Performance has two new rebuild kits for Quadrajet carburetors. Both kits include a complete needle and seat assembly, an accelerator pump, a fuel filter gasket, choke seals, a body-to-base gasket, an air horn gasket, a carburetor-to-intake gasket, and an air cleaner gasket. By replacing old seals and worn-out parts, you'll find lost power and be back wheeling in no time.

Information: JET Performance, 800.535.1161,

Performance Diesel Inc. (PDI) is now offering new manifolds for '98-'02 Dodges with the 24-valve Cummins. The manifolds are forged of a Molysiliconductile material-the same material used to cast turbo housings-which allows for both the manifold and turbo housing to cool at similar rates. This is designed to help reduce the risk of warping and cracking the manifold. Each ball-seal manifold is finished with a high-temperature coating to prevent corrosion and for a finished look.

Information: Performance Diesel Inc., 800.511.1231,

Asfir has a new line of body armor for the Jeep JK Wrangler. The company is offering front winch bumpers with mounting pockets for a 9,000-pound winch that were also designed to enhance airflow to the radiator. Asfir's product line is engineered to be light weight yet still protective, such as their JK skidplates made from 6mm aluminum that were laser cut and bent to fit tight against the underbelly of the Jeep, yet remove easily for future service. Skidplates mount through original factory chassis holes.

Information: Asfir Inc., 860.963.0230,

Hobart Brothers has created the fourth in an ongoing series of free educational welding posters, addressing the 10 most common stick-welding problems and their likely causes and solutions. Using diagrams and concisely written explanations, the posters address issues such as porous welds, cracked welds, undercutting, distortion, spatter, lack of fusion, overlapping, poor penetration, magnetic arc blow, and inclusions. The posters are a reference tool for both professional and educational welding environments and are available free of charge.

Information: Hobart Brothers Information Center, 888.462.2789, or e-mail

BDS Suspension has a new high-clearance 6-inch suspension system for the '07 4WD 1/2-ton Silverado/Sierra. This design offers a claimed OE-style ride with a desert-racing appearance. The high-arched crossmembers blend with the lower control-arm angles while increasing ground clearance at the front crossmember by 91 percent. Two rear options include a block and add-a-leaf kit or a full leaf-spring replacement. The complete system is available in BDS's traditional granite or textured black powdercoating, and is covered by the exclusive No Fine Print Warranty.

Information: BDS Suspension, 517.279.2135,

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