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2009 Holiday Gift Guide For Four Wheelers & 4x4 Trucks - Holiday Wish List

Posted in Product Reviews on January 1, 2010
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Contributors: Manufacturers4-Wheel & Off-Road Staff
Photographers: 4-Wheel & Off-Road Staff

As 2009 skids to an end, it is time to stop and reflect on all the great times we've all had over the past 12 months... OK, enough of that, let's get to our holiday wishlists! Whether you celebrate around a tree covered in sparkly lights, a stand full of candles, a goat dressed in a frilly tutu, or another festivity centerpiece, we just thought you might need some suggestions on what to get us-er, we mean what to ask your family and friends for this holiday season.

Maybe you have a jolly off-roader on your shopping list and you're looking for the perfect gift. The fact is everybody has a wishlist, and we thought the stuff we're interested in just might be of interest when you get to Santa's lap this December.

Feel free to steal our suggestions. Circling them and marking with arrows before leaving this issue in your wife/girlfriend/mom's purse sometimes works. Use these suggestions as your own, and if you get the stuff we asked for, please don't write us and rub it in. That just wouldn't be nice, and you need to be nice to get more stuff next year.

Good Little Editor-in-Chief Rick Péwé

Under $50
What: Dead-blow hammer
Why I want it: Best for beating on things and not leaving a mark
How much: 20-50 bucks!
Where to get it: local hardware store; Sears,

Under $200
What: Spidertrax wheel spacers
Why I want it: So I can safely regain the Jeep's turning radius with bigger tires and widen the track easily
How much: $99.95 a pair
Where to get it: Spidertrax Off-Road,

Under $500
What: Fixable flatty for a D.E.D. (Dirt Every Day) adventure, where my friend David Freiburger and I travel around in an old Jeep
Why I want it: Freiburger and I need a good trip
How much: You don't get much for under $500, but we've paid more for worse!
Where to get it: You! Offer us the flatty; we'll fly in, fix it, and drive it away.

What: 1945 Boeing B-17G bomber
Why I want it: Oh come on, why wouldn't you want it? You could use it to fly over the desert and scout for new wheeling spots! Or lay down a few tons of firepower and make your own neighborhood into a wheeling Mecca!
How much: The last one sold to a private owner was Fuddy Duddy, for about $3.5 million
Where to get it: If you find one, let me know.

Good Little Executive Editor Kevin McNulty

Under $50
What: SureFire G2 Nitrolon
Why I want it: Spending a lot of time outdoors exploring trails and camping requires a great light source. With an output of 65 to 120 lumens, this economical light is a handy tool to keep on any four-wheel-machine for nighttime repairs and inspections.
How much: $39
Where to get it: SureFire, 800.828.8809,

Under $200
What: Military water can
Why I want it: Water is always necessary on the trail, especially when it comes to filling the radiator, camp cooking, or cleaning the dirt out from behind your ears. This 2.5-gallon water container can be mounted just about anywhere and hold enough water for a day or two in the wild.
How much: $139.95
Where to get it: Off Road Trail Tools, 520.579.2079,

Under $500
What: M-P Superline XD 21,000-pound winch rope, 5/16 inch by 100 feet
Why I want it: The super-strong Superline is easy to use, safe, and lightweight, and it's cool-looking!
How much: $462
Where to get it: Master-Pull, 360.714.1313,

What: Bestop Supertop
Why I want it: Project Scratch Built Scrambler is going to require a new top before it hits the highway. This top is made from quality material and should fit as snug as a bug on the CJ-8.
How much: $1,016 with doors
Where to get it: Bestop, 800.845.3567,

Good Little Technical Editor Fred Williams

Under $50
What: Tree Trunk Protector
Why I want it: I lent mine to someone and never got it back
How much: $17-$30 depending on size
Where to get it: Clemson 4Wheel Center,

Under $200
What: Grover Air Horn
Why I want it: It'll make any truck into a big rig, and it's made in the USA
How much: $126.03
Where to get it: Grover Products, 323.263.9981, or

Under $500
What: Compressor in a Box
Why I want it: Most of my trucks are military surplus, so why not have a portable compressor in an ammo can for airing up and down? Extreme Outback Products has a dual mini air compressor in an ammo can that is perfect for a trip across Africa or just out to the back 40.
How much: $300
Where to get it: Extreme Outback Products, 866.447.7711,

What: Modified version of my '64 Jeep FC-170 Crewcab
Why I want it: It would be my dream vehicle. Built with a mandrel-bent frame built by Throttle Down Customs, a Cummins diesel engine, Allison automatic transmission, a four-speed Atlas transfer case, a high-pinion Dana 60 up front and a Corporate 14-bolt out back with Axletech's portal boxes and ARB Air Lockers. Coil-sprung suspension, bypass shocks, winch bumpers, and HID lights would finish off the exterior. Spruce up the interior with air conditioning, heat, satellite radio/phone/modem, and soundproofing. Basically an oddball Jeep truck built like a Unimog for expedition travel, towing my other stuff, camping out, and working from exotic locations.
How much: A 50-gallon barrel of $100 bills would be a good start
Where to get it: Throttle Down Customs,; Advance Adapters,; ARB www.; Axletech,; and more

Good Little Feature Editor Ali Mansour

Under $50
What: Rough Country Grab Handles
Why I want it: Because I'm short, and they are great for helping to get in and out of lifted Jeep for both the driver and passenger.
How much: $28.95
Where to get it: Rough Country, 800.222.7023,

Under $200
What: High Rock 4x4 lower cargo mount and tray
Why I want it: The half-top installed on my TJ makes packing for long off-road outings extra tricky. The High Rock rack is an easy way to store more supplies without hindering the Jeep's performance.
How much: $159.98
Where to get it: Bestop,

Under $500
What: Poison Spyder Custom Rocker Knockers with slider
Why I want it: The Rocker Knockers work great as body protection and sliders. These are both things I need since my TJ is relatively low and I like to play in the rocks. I would get them unpainted and spraybomb them so after I drag them over the rough stuff I could easily touch them up.
How much: $338 (bare units)
Where to get it: Poison Spyder Customs, 951.849.5911,

What: Forward DP-10A two-post lift
Why I want it: It's the ultimate garage helper. No more dealing with creeper wheels falling off, banging your head constantly trying to peak under the frame, or sketchy jackstand combos to hold up your rig. The DP10-A will allow you to safely lift a 10,000-pound truck into the air and work on it while standing up. It would be a tough squeeze in your average home garage, but well worth the investment if you have the extra change.
How much: $2,800
Where to get it: Forward Lift, 800.423.1722,

Good Little Web Editor Jason Gonderman

Under $50
What: Craftsman 11-Piece Socket Set
Why I want it: What man doesn't need more tools?
How much: $19.99
Where to get it: Sears,

Under $200
What: Bilstein 5100 Series Shocks
Why I want it: New shocks are a great way improve handling, ride, and performance both on and off road, and Bilstein's are top-notch! Will they fit my truck? If it has four wheels and a bed, Bilstein has a shock that'll fit. Have a lift or leveling kit? No worries! There is a 5100 for zero to 6 inches of lift.
How much: $84 a pair
Where to get it: 4Wheel Parts, 800.284.9905,

Under $500
What: AMP Research BedStep
Why I want it: The BedStep makes reaching into deep pickup beds a breeze, stores neatly out of the way, and can be installed in less than 10 minutes. There is no reason every truck shouldn't have one. Will it fit my truck? You can get an AMP BedStep for your F-150, Silverado, Ram, or Tundra; see the website for exact years.
How much: $285
Where to get it: Bestop,

What: Ford F-150 Raptor SVT
Why I want it: What's not to want? The Ford Raptor is a street-legal, long-travel, high-speed desert off-road truck that can also crawl trails with the best of them. And it comes with a full factory warranty!
How much: Starts at $38,995, a bargain really.
Where to get it: Your local Ford dealer,,

Good Little Art Director Alan Huber

Under $50
What: Mini Monster Tire Deflators
Why I want it: I'm too old and tired (pun?) to keep waiting for tires to deflate and inflate. These will do it at 1 psi-per-second!
How much: $24.95 (set of 5)
Where to get it: Powertank, 209.366.2163,

Under $200
What: Air/fuel ratio monitor
Why I want it: Because I still own a vehicle with a carburetor and this would allow a monkey (meaning me!) to keep it in tune
How much: $190.98 (from Summit Racing)
Where to get it: K&N (Summit Racing), 800.858.3333,

Under $500
What: Go Berserk Grand Cherokee Fender Flares
Why I want it: My 33-inch tires might be able to be replaced with 35s without having to increase my suspension lift!
How much: $465
Where to get it:, 801.427.5998

What: New Dodge Power Wagon towing a tanker trailer full of gasoline
Why I want it: Because even in this economy, Santa is real, right?
How much: Less than what Bill Gates spent on one of his houses
Where to get it: Dodge and Shell (or Mobil or Texaco or Chevron)
Where to get it: I think their phones don't work since they don't return my calls. Web site doesn't work either!

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