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November 2012 New Products

Posted in Product Reviews on November 1, 2012
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A Stepeze is a removable step designed to make stepping in and out of Jeep Wranglers and CJs a bit easier. The step can be installed with basic handtools and comes with a black powdercoat finish. When it’s not in use, you simply pull the step into the vehicle and store it under the door channel.
Information: Stepeze

3-Point Retractable Harness
The Corbeau three-point-retractable harness belts use an inertia reel to allow the harness belt to function like a stock seatbelt. This allows you to move around in your car, but under any sudden movements the belt will lock. Also included is a knob that allows you to swap the belts from retractable to a traditional fully locked position.
Information: Corbeau Seats

OR-Fab XJ Protection
OR-Fab’s Jeep Cherokee front bumper is a bolt-on winch bumper for the ’84-’01 XJ. Each bumper is comprised of 3⁄16-inch steel plate and comes in a wrinkle or gloss powdercoat finish, along with two D-rings and D-ring mounts. The bumper is available with or without a grilleguard and is built to accommodate most 8,000-pound winches.
Information: OR-Fab

Air Assassin
The Air Assassin from Phoenix Systems is a fully automated fluid pump developed to eliminate air bubbles in brake and hydraulic lines. The pump works by utilizing Phoenix’s reverse brake bleed technology. The Air Assassin can be used for pressure bleeding, bench bleeding, and cross bleeding and works with most pressure bleeder machines.
Information: Phoenix Systems

Air Engineering
MJB Engineering manufactures custom high-flow billet aluminum oval air cleaners. They feature K&N air filters and all stainless steel hardware. The cleaners are designed to fit from one to eight carburetors or stacks depending on size allotment. Air cleaners are constructed from 6061T6 aluminum plate.
Information: MJB Eng.

Cummins Bellhousing
The Lakewood Industries Quick Time 5.9L Cummins diesel bellhousing is designed to work with the ’89-’07 NV4500 and ’92-’97 five-speed transmissions. The housings are hardened to over 80,000 psi and spin-formed for strength and consistency.
Information: Lakewood Ind.

Retractable Truck Cap
Fastkap’s retractable truck cap is a collapsible bed cover that works for most ’88 and newer pickups. The system uses stainless steel bedrails to allow the fabric cover to extend to the back of the bed quickly. A fiberglass shroud protects the cover when not in use and is kept in place by the spring-loaded tensioning system.
Information: Fastkap

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Water Pumps
Bullet Proof Diesel’s anodized aluminum water pump impeller replaces the factory impeller on the ’04-’07 Ford Super Duty and ’04-’09 E Series vans equipped with the 6.0L diesel. The aluminum impeller is designed to be more durable than the OE composite plastic impeller. It is also said to improve the longevity of the pump itself and help reduce pump cavitation.
Information: Bullet Proof Diesel

The KC HiLites 8-inch-round, 35-watt HIDs come with the ballast and starter packaged inside of the light housing. This fully contained design makes the lights easy to mount, and the Polymax housing helps protect the lights from the elements. The lens/reflector assembly features a computer designed polished reflector and is fitted with a hard coated Lexan lens.
Information: KC HiLites

Trans-Dapt Mounts
The engine swap motor mount kits and transmission crossmembers from Trans-Dapt are fitted with durable polyurethane mounting pads. These pads are designed to reduce flex and deflection over standard rubber mounts. Vehicle-specific and universal motor mounts and transmission crossmembers are available.
Information: Trans-Dapt

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