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Drivetrain Parts Buyer's Guide

Reider Racing Differential
Christian Lee | Writer
Posted September 1, 1998

All the parts you need for your tranny, 'case and axles

You might call drivetrain components the heart and soul of a vehicle. Any way you try to figure it, there's just no way to do without them. Wheels and tires are great, but what good are they if you don't have the equipment to turn 'em? Exhaust systems? Great performance enhancers, but we'd like to see how they benefit a vehicle that's missing its driveshaft or rearend. Engines? Sans a tranny, all you'll get out of it is a warm manifold burrito.

Just about the only thing you could purchase to replace the drivetrain of a vehicle would be a winch, but how much entertainment do you gain from dragging a vehicle up and over an obstacle and then home again? A vehicle's just not a vehicle without its drivetrain. With that in mind, isn't it about time you treated yours to a little something special?

Reider Racing
Reider Racing now offers a Ford 9-inch, 31-spline TrueTrac differential. This all-geardriven, limited-slip differential manufactured by Tractech is said to automatically provide smooth torque transfer based on traction demands. With no clutch plates or friction plates to wear out, the TrueTrac provides durable performance with no loss in power transfer. The TrueTrac is also available for Dana 30 and 44, GM 8.5- and 8.875-inch, Ford 8.8-inch, and Toyota 7.5- and 8-inch axles. Information: Reider Racing Ent., Dept. 4WOR, 12351 Universal Dr., Taylor, MI 48180, 800/375-1330, 734/946-1330.

Precision Gear
With Ford's new body style came new front and rear axles. Precision Gear now offers 4.10:1 and 4.56:1 ratio ring-and-pinion gearsets to fit the new reverse-rotation 8.8-inch front axle and 9 3/4-inch rear. Information: Precision Gear, Dept. 4WOR, 12351 Universal Dr., Taylor, MI 48180, 734/946-0524.

Art Morrison
nch rearends. The company has developed special fixtures that allow technicians to hold all components in correct alignment when fitting the housings with new tubes and billet-housing ends. Each housing is built to meet your specific needs and is equipped with appropriate suspension brackets and a housing-end bolt pattern. Information: Art Morrison Ent., Dept. 4WOR, 5301 8th St. E., Fife, WA 98424, 253/922-7188.

Auburn Gear
Auburn Gear offers its high-bias limited-slip differentials, which are said to outlast and outperform the standard OE differentials by delivering more torque, better traction, and faster engagement for controlled power transfer and reaction to changing load conditions. Auburn Gear has a full range of Pro Series high-bias differentials for most Chrysler, Ford, GM, and Toyota applications. Information: Auburn Gear, Dept. 4WOR, 400 E. Auburn Dr., Auburn, IN 46706-3499, 219/925-3200.

Tom's Bronco Parts
Designed to stop broken axle U-joints, Heavy Duty axles from Tom's Bronco Parts feature 3/4-ton U-joints and are said to be stronger than stock. Because of the bolt-in design, the Heavy Duty shafts are easy to install and don't require any modifications. Information: Tom's Bronco Parts, Dept. 4WOR, 2294 Sage Rd., Medford, OR 97501, 541/779-1339, e-mail

West Coast Differentials
West Coast Differentials sells rebuilt third members for most drop-out rearends. The units are built to your specifications with any components you desire, including with a positraction or locking differential. Everything is installed and ready to bolt to your axle. Information: West Coast Differentials, Dept. 4WOR, 11235-F Coloma Rd., Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, 916/635-0950

Currie Enterprises has the answer to driveline-angle problems that plague short-wheelbase off-road vehicles. The Currie High Pinion Gear Case offers an improved pinion angle, more ground clearance, less weight, and a higher pinion location than a reverse-cut Dana 60. If you have a 9-inch rearend, you can reuse the housing, axles, and carrier. The gear case is CNC-machined from high-strength nodular iron and is equipped with chrome-moly carrier caps. Information: Currie Ent., Dept. 4WOR, 1480 N. Tustin Ave., Anaheim, CA 92807, 714/528-6957.

Tri-County Gear
Tri-County Gear specializes in all of your hard-core 4x4 needs, from custom axles to heavy-duty steering parts. Tri-County Gear carries new and used Jeep parts as well as components for many other applications. Information: Tri-County Gear, Dept. 4WOR, 1143 W. 2nd St., Pomona, CA 91766, 909/623-3373.

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