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F O A Hydraulic Bumpstop Placement 1

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Mercenary Offroad in Camarillo, California, found a good place to put the bumpstops directly over the axle’s control arm brackets on a Ram 2500 4x4 truck. Unfortunately, the included bump can was not able to be used since mounting it next to the coil bucket required welding all the way around the can. Instead, Mercenary Offroad fabbed up some custom cans, using Allen screws to retain the hydraulic bumpstops in the cans. The axle’s control arm brackets were reinforced with extra material on the top and inner side, so the force of the bumpstop will not distort the bracket. When mounting a hydraulic bumpstop like this, it’s highly recommended you pull off the coil spring and actually cycle the suspension (instead of just measuring with a ruler) before you fully weld everything in place.