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Interco Trxus Sts Tires Test Run 2

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Our main concern was sand. So is it the best sand tire we’ve ever tried? Well, in a word: no. But, it did excel in sand, hooking up well and propelling the vehicle forward. In fact, we had only one complaint and we might not have even noticed had we not chosen the 2WD truck to mount th tires on. With 10 psi in the tires, the STS tire floated the heavy Duramax prerunner well. The tread has an almost paddle-like attribute to it, and that helped push forward in the sand while the minimal tread voids helped keep it afloat. But by putting them on a 2WD truck, we were now relying on the rear tires to push through the sand and the front tires to simply control the direction (this is where distinct tread ribs come in handy). While the STS tires would definitely thrust forward through the sand, our 2WD test truck was able to push through the front end when trying to turn at speed, scrubbing the front tires and creating an under-steering condition. If we had tried these out on a 4WD drive, we might not have noticed. Wi