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Mickey Thompson Atz P3 Tires Test Run 3

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This tire is quiet on the highway (tread is still new) and really a pleasure to drive on. Overall performance in the dirt was as to be expected with a tire that falls between a mud-terrain and an all-terrain. This is just the type of tire we look for when shoeing our multipurpose trucks. Whipping the truck with the tires at 10 psi, there were no bead failures or air leaks that we experienced and the sidewalls seemed to barely distort. We did slide off a steep section of rock during a rainstorm, jamming the front tire’s sidewall into rocks and never peeling a bead from the Trophy beadlock’s hold. The sidewalls of the tires look remarkably unscathed, too, considering the sharp rock edges. The PowerPly sidewalls seem to be very thick and very sturdy.