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New Off-Road Products - October 2013

Super Hydra 400
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted September 4, 2013
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The Latest Off-Road Goodies

LRG 101 Six-Spoke
The Large Rim Group (aka LRG Rims) has a new six-spoke design that will add style and strength to your rolling stock package.

• Available in a matte-black finish or a black finish with milled accents. New casting technology results in a stronger rim
• Both finish types are offered in 17-, 18-, 20-, and 24-inch diameter with 9-, 10-, and 12-inch widths in multiple bolt patterns and backspacing options. Combined, the sizes, bolt patterns, and backspacing options mean that LRG 101 six-spoke rims can be fitted to almost every popular truck or SUV

For more information, contact:
Large Rim Group
(855) 577-5633


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Yamaha Pressure Washer
Yamaha's new PW3028 pressure washer is designed for heavy, repeated use.

• Works well for off-road trucks and vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and construction applications, or any other situation where a rugged pressure washer is needed
• Reliable Yamaha engine ensures longevity and high performance

For more information, contact:
Yamaha Motor Corp.

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Black Magic Aluminum Wheel Cleaner
Clean, polish, and protect your aluminum wheels with one convenient product from Black Magic.

• Safe for all aluminum wheels
• Dissolves brake dust, road grime, and grease

For more information, contact:
Black Magic
(855) 888-1991

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Super Hydra 400
The GM Turbo 400 transmission is strong, simple, and successful, but it's not quite perfect. The stock GM transmission case can be a weak point, and that's where the Reid Racing Super Hydra 400 replacement case comes in.

• Completely new transmission case is manufactured using a permanent mold casting technique. Precision machining follows the casting process. The Reid Super Hydra SH400 case is compatible with all OEM components as well as aftermarket internal parts designed for the Turbo 400. Available in drag-racing and off-road versions
• Full-circumference bellhousings attach separately and adapt the SH400 to most popular engines. Multiple internal upgrades increase performance and reliability

For more information, contact:
Reid Racing
(925) 935-3025

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