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The Fast Funnel - Tool of the Month

The Fast Funnel 1
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted September 18, 2013

Easy Pour, Easy Store

Innovation doesn't have to be expensive. If you've needed a funnel but couldn't find one, or found your funnel was dirty once you located it, then the Fast Funnel is your solution.

The Fast Funnel is a single-use disposable funnel. Available in three packs attached to a tear-off header card, the Fast Funnel uses a lightly coated paper stock that keeps fluids and powders clean while pouring. Simply tear a Fast Funnel from the header card, unfold it, pour, and toss. You'll have a clean funnel every time.

Since the Fast Funnel three-pack is pancake-flat as delivered, it's easy to store Fast Funnels in multiple locations in your truck, such as the glovebox or door pocket. Toss a pack or two in a tool drawer. Hang them up on a nail in your garage.

If there's a risk of getting the Fast Funnel dirty while it's in pre-use storage, simply enclose the Fast Funnel header card in a ziplock plastic bag.

Inexpensive innovation. We love it.


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