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40 Holiday Gift Ideas - Gear For Your Jeep

Coker Tires
JP Staff | Writer
Posted November 27, 2013

Happy or Merry Whatever!

Happy or merry whatever!

With each passing year, it seems like the month of December is stuffed more than a Thanksgiving turkey—there are religious festivities, nonreligious festivities, festivals of festivities, festivities of festivals, and so on. But what it all really boils down to isn't special time spent with family and loved ones—it's gift-getting season! And to help you get ready for the month ahead and to sort out what should be on your wish list, we've put together 40 gift ideas that we'd like to get and what we think you and your Jeep also need and want to get.

Christian's List

1. Coker Tires

Why It's a Good Gift: I have lots of vintage Jeeps, ranging from military to simply old classics, and Coker has a tire for each one. Although I'd be tempted to get myself a set of military-spec NDTs, some tubes, and flaps for my M-170 army ambulance, I think ultimately I'd rather have some 12-15 STA Trailbreaker vintage off-road tires for my CJ-6.

How Much: $336 each
Where: Coker Tire, 800/959-6700,

2. Vintage Seats

Why It's a Good Gift: Most of my really older Jeeps have missing or completely worn seats. High-back suspension seats are nice, but just don't fit the period-correct vibe I'm going for with some of those builds. Simple low-back, nonreclining bucket seats from Smittybilt in classic black vinyl are like bacon; they go with everything.

How Much: $129 each
Where: Smittybilt, 888/717-5797,

3. Powerbraid Wire Wrap

Why It's a Good Gift: Other than simply cinching them together with zip-ties, I've never paid much attention to making my underhood wiring look good. Painless Powerbraid comes in several different precut lengths, and can handle up to 425 degrees, to clean up and help protect your wiring nightmare. A couple different diameter bundles would do me just fine.

How Much: Pricing varies by diameter, but it'll run you around $20
Where: Painless Performance Products, 800/423-9696,

4. Onboard Air

Why It's a Good Gift: Cause no matter what, compressed air is just one of those things you need on or after just about any wheeling trip. And if you don't, you can be sure one of the people you're wheeling with will. Viair offers its 400C Heavy Duty (2.54 cfm) or 450C Constant Duty (1.66 cfm) in a complete kit form that includes everything you need to mount and plumb the compressor in your Jeep. No chasing down small parts. The company even has a kit to fit the tight underhood confines of a JK Wrangler, mounting the compressor to the brake booster with a supplied bracket.

How Much: In the $400 range
Where: Viair, 888/618-1998,

5. Tool Box

Why It's a Good Gift: No matter how much tool storage you currently have, you'll fill it…and then some. I've got two large rollaways plus a wall of shelves and drawers and I still don't have enough room to store all the tools I've accumulated. Harbor Freight offers pretty darn good toolboxes at the best prices around. While its 26-inch eight-drawer roller with top cabinet for $299.99 would be tempting (PN 67831), I'd go for the company's 56-inch 11-drawer industrial cabinet and would use the top as an auxiliary workbench.

How Much: $799.99
Where: Harbor Freight Tools, 800/423-2567,

6. Sweet Cooler

Why It's a Good Gift: Coolers are like socks. You can never have too many and enough different styles. Well, technically all my socks are white, but you get the message. I've cheaped-out on coolers my whole life. Just once I'd like to have a real quality one like the Yeti Roadie 20 with extra insulation, an O-ring gasket, steel handle, heavy-duty latches, and all the other top-flight components and specs that make Yeti one of the best coolers on the planet.

How Much: $229.99
Where: Yeti Coolers, 512/394-9384,

7. Tire Repair Kit

Why It's a Good Gift: Murphy's Law happens…frequently…and especially to Jeepers. From a simple nail through the carcass to a gashed sidewall, nobody is harder on tires than off-roaders. Power Tank has put together one of the best tire repair kits on the market (PN KIT-8132). Cleanly housed in a durable high-impact storage box, the kit includes aluminum-handle tools (light weight), plugs, patches, wire to sew up sidewall gashes, valve core tool, lube, razor knife, needle-nose pliers, and more. It's everything you'll need to affect a tire repair in the bush.

How Much: $39.95
Where: Power Tank, 209/366-2163,

8. Night Light

Why It's a Good Gift: Normally, I've been happy with the stock sealed-beam lights powered by a wheezy old 35-amp alternator. But recently I got to drive some really high-end Jeeps equipped with low-amperage, high-performance LED lights. The LEDs pull less power than the sealed beam and emit a ferocious amount of light for safer and more enjoyable off-roading. They come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and configurations, but I suddenly have a hankering for a roof-mounted LED bar like the Anzo USA Rugged Vision (PN 881029).

How Much: $843.99
Where: Auto Anything, 888/591-8561,

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