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New Products - April 2014

Posted in Product Reviews on March 25, 2014
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Rugged Vent
This new performance vented hood from Rugged Ridge is designed to offer up to 50 percent more ventilating surface area over similar designs. It is manufactured using high-quality stamped steel and ships with a rust-preventive coating that can then be painted to match your Jeep. It can also be ordered in factory-match colors directly from Rugged Ridge. These new hoods fit ’07-current JK Wranglers. Whether you’ve got a problem keeping your Jeep cool or you just want to improve the looks of your Jeep, this could be the solution for you.
Rugged Ridge, 770/614-6101,

No Scrambled Yokes
Sometimes it can be really difficult to remove yokes from axles or T-cases, and reinstalling the U-bolts or straps using a screwdriver and a hammer is a good way to mess stuff up. This new yoke removal tool from Advance Adapters solves all yoke removal issues. It will work from 1310 all the way up to 1480-sized yokes. No more slide hammer action needed either, as the large central bolt pushes on the middle of the shaft and easily removes the yoke—just like a pitman arm or harmonic balancer puller would.
Information: Advance Adapters

Field Tire Fix
Smittybilt is a familiar name in the Jeep world and the company builds a vast array of products. It is now proud to introduce a tire repair kit to add to its lineup. The kit includes the normal stuff like 30 self-vulcanizing plugs, rugged hand tools, lubricant, a folding knife, and a pair of needle-nose pliers. But Smittybilt also goes the extra distance with extra valve stems, a dual-head tire pressure gauge, sidewall bailing wire, and interior tire patches. It is all stored in a convenient soft-sided carry pouch.
Information: Smittybilt

Kicker has been making awesome subwoofers for years and the new CompR is no different. The CompR motor structure itself is a mechanical marvel, utilizing a large-diameter, progressive-roll spider for increased linearity and better sound with high-strength Spiralead tinsel leads woven through for maximum transfer of signal. The one-piece UniPlate features the vented pole piece and bumped back plate that’s tapered toward the edge to improve the magnetic force within the gap, optimizing that magnetic energy. It all translates into an efficient driver that really kicks.
Information: Stillwater Designs

Top Shelf Power
The new air intake from AEM for the ’12-and-up Wranglers incorporates a lot of design features that we’d love to see in other intakes. The Dryflow synthetic filter doesn’t attract dust like oiled filters and resides in an enclosed box to further help keep dirt out. The enclosure also helps foil false IAT readings by keeping the intake charge closer to ambient air temperature (rather than sucking hot air from under the hood). The intake is designed to work with many aftermarket snorkel systems and produces 14hp and 13 lb-ft over stock.
Information: AEM Power

Boxed Four-Link
The new four-link long arm system from Rubicon Express is available in 3.5-, 4.5-, and 5.5-inch lift heights. The control arms, drag link, and track bar are all adjustable and made from chromoly tube for the ultimate in bashability. The control arms use the new Rubicon Express Super Flex joints and the kit even includes a new CNC-machined steering knuckle. The kit is made in the USA, carries a limited lifetime warranty, and is available with monotube or twin tube shocks. Fits ’07-present Wranglers.
Information: 877/367-7824

It Is the Walrus
This new winch from Come-Up was named the Walrus because of its beefed-up seals at the motor and drum and military-grade turn-to-lock connector for the remote allow it to run underwater. The double lip spring seal at the drum and rubber seals at motor and gear housing keep water out. A light on the industrial-grade remote warns of motor overheating. And the mechanical cone brake structure is mounted on the outside of the drum for faster cooling between pulls.
Information: Come-Up USA

Baer Stopping
New from Baer are front and rear brake kits for the ’07-up JK Wrangler. The front Pro kit features a six-piston caliper and a 13.5-inch-diameter drilled and slotted zinc-plated rotor. The rear SS4 kit features a four-piston caliper and a 12.375-inch-diameter drilled and slotted rotor that retains the factory parking brake. Both kits are completely bolt-on and are available with powdercoating and plating for an additional charge. Colors available are black, red, and blue for the powdercoat with nickel plating or polishing also available.
Information: Baer

Bushed WK2
Bushwacker has introduced a completely new pocket style flare for the ’10-current Grand Cherokee WK2. The design of the flares matches the wheelwell arch and offers 1⁄2-inch more clearance over stock. The actual pockets are somewhat smaller than other Bushwacker pocket flares for a more refined look. The flares are made from Bushwacker’s Duraflex ABS material, which is a high-impact 100-percent UV resistant material. Installation is easy using factory holes.
Information: Bushwacker

Skinny Spyder
If you aren’t a big mud hound, then the Dumbo-ear factory fender flares are probably not only an eyesore but almost completely useless. So, toss them, right? But then you are left with just as wide replacement options. The Narrow Crusher Flares from Poison Spyder are 2 inches narrower than the company’s normal flares, making them much less likely to grab trees, rocks, and other trail obstacles. As with the company’s regular Crusher Flares, these are also CNC-cut and formed with DOM tubing and available in either aluminum or steel.
Information: Poison Spyder Customs

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