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Recovery Product Roundup

Posted in Product Reviews on February 25, 2014
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Photographers: Courtesy Of The Manufacturers

Getting stuck is as easy as it has always been, but getting back is less of a battle now, thanks to ongoing developments in the recovery industry. A notable trend is the current crop of affordable winches. Formerly a luxury, some winches are now less expensive than aftermarket bumpers. The tradeoff is that warranties sometimes aren’t as robust on the cheaper products. Also, replacement parts aren’t available for all models, making some of these cheap winches disposable when they’re out of warranty. Here’s a look at some newer recovery products. We also inserted a few old favorites.

ARB Recovery Bumper
ARB’s new JK rear bumper/spare carrier comes with mounts for a Hi-Lift jack and a shovel. The adjustable wheel carrier accommodates up to 40-inch tires and slides to fit varying wheel offsets. An optional center bracket secures a shovel. The bumper has two elongated recovery rings and a bracket that can secure the Hi-Lift jack vertically or horizontally.
Information: ARB USA

Bubba Rope Wild-ize
Bubba Rope’s kinetic recovery ropes are now available with Wild-ize: high-visibility neon end colors. The Black Gator-ize coating provides UV and abrasion protection while allowing the rope to stretch. Breaking strengths range from 7,400 to 131,500 pounds in 20- and 30-foot lengths.
Information: Bubba Rope

Bushranger X-Jack
The X-Jack is light and easy to store in the vehicle. Well suited for uneven terrain, this 4,400-pound-capacity jack inflates with tailpipe exhaust, raising the vehicle up to 31 inches. ARB is a North American distributor.
Information: Bushranger -Gear-C19.aspx.

ComeUp Walrus Winch
The new Walrus Series winch is available in “extreme” ratings: 16,500 pounds (12- and 24-volt) and 20,000 pounds (24-volt only). Features include a double-lip spring housing seal to keep out water, a remote control with military-style connector, and an LED overheating alert. The patented Cone Brake Structure is mounted outside the drum for heat-dissipation and is designed to hold the full load without slippage.
Information: ComeUp USA

Extreme Outback Pro Kit
This new kit is Australian-tested for reliability and reportedly meets US military standards. It includes a 30-foot snatch strap and a 10-foot tree trunk protector, a 17,500-pound snatch block, two shackles, 10 feet of Grade 70 chain that has a grab hook and slide-hook with latch, closed-cuff gloves, a 16-foot ratchet strap, a shovel, a machete, an LED headlamp, a whistle, and a red safety triangle.
Information: Extreme Outback Products

Harbor Freight Tools Badland Winch
The Badland line is headlined by a 12,000-pound winch. Features include an automatic load-holding brake, a 6hp series-wound motor, and 85 feet of steel cable. Available options are a wireless remote controller and various mounting plates.
Information: Harbor Freight Tools

Hi-Lift Off-Road Winch Kit
Hi-Lift has a kit to help the company’s famous jack function as a hand winch. The Off-Road Kit includes a winch tensioner, a nose attachment, an 8-foot strap, gloves, and hardware. A gear bag is included.
Information: Hi-Lift Jack Co.

Ironman Monster Winch
Imported from Australia, the Ironman Monster winch is available in 9,500- and 12,000-pound versions. Features include a remote motor breather and hose to protect against moisture. A low-profile clutch provides mounting flexibility, and a competition-inspired solenoid is sealed. The wireless controller has a built-in LED. Customers can choose between steel cable or synthetic rope.
Information: Ironman 4x4

Jak Jaw Jack Adapter
To minimize body damage, the Jak Jaw is a steel cradle that adapts to a Hi-Lift jack’s lifting nose. This allows firmer contact between the jack and bumpers or rock sliders. Construction is laser-cut 3⁄16-inch mild steel that’s machine-formed. Load rating is 7,750 pounds.
Information: Jak Jaw

Kingone KDS Winch
The Kingone KDS-9.0/12V is a 9,000-pound winch designed with Jeeps in mind. Features include a compact body, full-load mechanical braking, a 4.8hp series-wound motor, 100 feet of steel cable, and a wired controller. KDS models range up to 12,000 pounds.
Information: Kingone Industrial
+86-574-88168096 400 889 2890,

Mac’s Straps
In addition to vehicle tie-down kits for trailers, Mac’s offers U.S.-made straps. The Tree Trunk Protector is a 3-inch by 8-foot strap that’s rated at 30,000 pounds. Mac’s Recovery Straps are available in 20- and 30-foot sizes with up to a 57,000-pound rating.
Information: Mac’s Custom Tie-Downs

Master Pull Superline
Master Pull makes recovery products for both the industrial and enthusiast markets. The company’s Superline XD synthetic winch rope has a Dyneema overbraid for UV and abrasion protection. Kinetic recovery straps and sling hooks are some of the other offerings.
Information: Master Pull

MaxTrax Traction Plates
Made of reinforced nylon, MaxTrax plates are designed to provide a firm traction base. Each measures 3.7 feet long by 13 inches wide by 3.5 inches high and weighs 7.9 pounds. The plates can be flipped over and used as shovels. Different colors and accessories are available. Information: MaxTrax,

MileMarker Waterproof Winches
Military requirements influence MileMarker’s enthusiast-oriented winches. The Project ES electric line is engineered with 19 different seals to keep out water, mud, and snow. Available ratings range from 2,500 to 15,000 pounds. Hydraulic winches ranging from 9,000 to 18,000 pounds are also available.
Information: MileMarker

Pull Pal
One of the first land anchors for the recreational market, the Pull Pal is now available in three different duty ratings: “Military” RW14,000 (for 10,000 pounds and under GVWR vehicles), the RW11,000 for up to 6,000-pound GVWR rigs, and the RW6,000 for up to 3,000 pounds GVWR. Options include carrying cases and mounting brackets. An R/C model version is also available.
Information: Pull Pal

16 Rugged Ridge Winch
Rugged Ridge winches are available in 8,500- and 10,500-pound ratings. Performance versions include Dyneema synthetic rope and an aluminum hawse fairlead. The Heavy Duty models have 3⁄8-inch steel cables and roller fairleads. The 10,500 model features a 6.6hp series-wound motor. All include wired controllers and limited five-year warranties. Jeep mounting options are available. Information: Rugged Ridge

Smittybilt Gen 2 X2O Winch
Next-generation winches are now available from Smittybilt. The X2O Max line is now IP68 waterproof-rated. Load capacities are 10,000, 12,000, 15,000, and 17,500 pounds. Also, the XRC winch line is now available in a 9,500-pound model, which features a 6.6hp series-wound motor.
Information: Smittybilt Inc.

Superwinch Smartphone Winch Control
Superwinch’s Roam system is a patented interface between a smart phone and a winch. The system provides full control over power-in and power-out while taking advantage of the capabilities of a smartphone using a secure Wi-Fi network.
Information: Superwinch

Viking Off-Road Winch
In addition to recovery straps, Viking offers the stylish GS-9 9,000-pound winch. Designed for durability, the components include fully sealed Albright solenoids and heavy-duty contractors in the controller. The billet TieBridge top plate is designed to improve strength and leave more room for winch line.
Information: Viking Off-Road

Warn PowerPlants
The PowerPlant winch/compressor combos have upgraded components. Stainless fasteners are new, as are a redesigned pressure switch, an improved contractor system for longer duty cycles, a more durable air hose, and a corrosion-resistant flat black finish. Models are available with 9,500- and 12,000-pound winch ratings.
Information: Warn Industries

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