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4xProducts - July 2014

Posted in Product Reviews on June 4, 2014
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Ironman Fridge/Freezer
If you’re heading off-road for an extended period of time and want to keep your food and drinks ice cool without actually hauling around ice, Ironman 4x4 has a cooler for you. Ironman 4x4’s 50-liter Fridge/Freezer is made from impact-resistant polypropylene. The unit runs on 12-, 24-, or 110-volt power and has a digitally controlled SECOP compressor.
Info: Ironman 4x4
(310) 844-7848,

Pentastar Supercharger
Want more power from your Jeep Wrangler JK, but a V-8 swap isn’t in the cards? Magnuson Products now offers a supercharger kit for the 3.8-liter-equipped Jeep Wrangler, as well as the ’12-current JKs fitted with the 3.6-liter Pentastar engine. The supercharger is said to provide a 25-percent increase in horsepower and create useable power gains from idle to redline.
Info: Magnuson Products
(805) 642-8833

Power Inflator
Power Tank’s TIG-8500 tire inflator is specifically designed for the off-road market. The TIG-8500 is a 0-60 psi digital tire inflator that provides 0.5 psi accuracy. Each inflator is equipped with a backlit display, 2 feet of steel-braided hose, bleed button, euro clip-on chuck on a 90-degree elbow, EPDM O-rings, and thumb trigger.
Info: Power Tank
(209) 366-2163,

Diff Breather
ARB’s Differential Breather kit is said to provide a high-flow, zero back pressure and vacuum breathing system for your rig’s differentials. The kit is intended to replace your rig’s stock differential breathers and includes four axle-breather ports, splash-resistant and washable air filter, 8mm Polyethylene tubing and push-in fittings. Each breather system is built to accommodate two differentials.
Info: ARB, (866) 293-9078,

Rugged Carrier
New for the ’07-current Jeep Wrangler JK is the Rugged Ridge Gen II swing-and-lock tire carrier. Using the factory latch mechanism and a reinforced spindle, the Gen II carrier is crafted to open and close as one unit. The box-welded steel carrier is built to work with the company’s XHD rear bumpers and holds up to a 37-inch-tall tire. The Gen II carrier comes with a black powdercoat finish and is backed by Rugged Ridge’s five-year limited warranty.
Info: Rugged Ridge
(770) 614-6101,

Baby Bronco Wipes
The Clean Wipe system from New Port Engineering is made for the ’66-’77 Ford Bronco. Each two-speed, dual-wiper kit is meant to bolt in place of the original wiper assembly. Kits include a two-speed wiper motor, Oilite bronze brushed wiper transmissions, complete linkage, linkage covers, wiring harness, switch, and polished stainless-steel wiper arms and blades. An intermittent delay feature is offered as well.
Info: New Port Engineering
(800) 829-1929

Jam Nut Wrenches
JKS Manufacturing offers compact jam nut wrenches for 1- and 1¼-inch jam nuts. Built from 3/8-inch laser-cut, low-carbon steel with a durable black E-coated finish, the wrenches use a standard ½-inch drive ratchet. Similar to a line wrench, the JKS jam nut wrench is designed to grab all six sides of the nut.
Info: JKS Manufacturing
(517) 278-1226

District Wheels
Pro Comp’s District 51 Series wheel features a ribbed, seven-spoke design with intricate rim accents. The wheels are available with chrome or gloss-black finish with machined accents. The District is currently offered in 17- and 20-inch diameters with five-, six-, and eight-lug bolt patterns to fit most late-model trucks and SUVs.
Info: Pro Comp USA
(800) 776-0767

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