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August 2014 - Gearbox

Posted in Product Reviews on July 10, 2014
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All-Terrain Vise
We’ve all been in situations where we could have used a vise, especially when off-roading in the desert. Parts break or seize up, and you could use an extra hand to remedy the situation. New from Wilton is their all-terrain vise. When work has to get done, the go-anywhere ATV helps transform pickup trucks, utility trucks, and SUVs with 2-inch hitches into instant workstations. On top of that, the included mounting bracket converts the ATV into a bench vise.
(615) 793-8900,

The ATV slides into a 2-inch hitch receiver and becomes an instant workstation.

LP550 and LP560 LED Lamps
PIAA has also introduced two new LED lamps: the LP550 and LP560. The new medium-size LP550 and 560 lamps, like the other lamps in the LP family, use a pair of 7-watt LED bulbs to offer better illumination and greater durability than traditional halogen bulbs. Both lamps feature a rugged design with a cast-aluminum housing, high-strength polycarbonate lens, and protective grill. They also feature a 30-degree driving beam, which produces a crisp white beam of light.
(800) 525-7422,

PIAA’s LP550 and 560 come with an exclusive limited lifetime warranty.

PSC Motorsports
High-Performance LS Steering Pump
Building an off-road racing desert machine? Chances are, you need to upgrade your power steering pump. And if you own a Chevrolet LS engine, you’re in luck with PSC Motorsports’ new XR-series high-performance steering-pump kit. The kit features -12 AN feed, -8 AN pressure, -8 AN return fittings and a braided hose; all of which was designed to provide maximum speed and power in full-hydraulic and hydraulic-assist systems.
PSC Motorsports
(817) 270-0102,

PSC’s steering pump allows higher pressure and higher flow than a stock pump.

Vision Wheel
550 ATV/UTV Wheel
Sure, the stock wheels on your UTV will get the job done, but they’re lacking style factor. Vision Wheel can help you with the company’s new ATV/UTV wheels. The one-piece aluminum wheels combine form and function and will add great styling to your ride. The matte-black painted wheels feature a 4x110 and 4x156 bolt pattern or feature a covered lug cap. Front-wheels are available in two different sizes—12x7- and 14x7-inch—while rear wheels are available in 12x8- and 14x8-inch.
Vision Wheel
(800) 633-3936,

Vision Wheel’s 550 will add style and strength to your ATV or UTV.

Vision X
6.7-Inch Light Cannon LED
Vision X raises the bar with their new 6.7-Inch Light Cannon LED. With almost a half-mile of usable light from a single 50-watt luminous LED, the 6.7-inch Light Cannon features a 10-degree spot pattern. Like having multiple lights in one unit, snap-on polycarbonate filters allow the user to quickly change the beam pattern from spot to euro to flood. The colored filters can also improve visibility in certain conditions.
Vision X
(888) 489-9820,

Vision X new Light Cannon emits a half-mile of usable light.

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