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Secret Stash - New Products from Moab

Posted in Product Reviews on July 1, 2007 Comment (0)
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Photographers: Christian Hazel

Every year, we head to Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, for several days of wheeling. Usually, our rigs are pretty busted up by the end of the week, so we walk the Safari show at the arena and scour over and under Jeeps, countertops, and displays looking for the coolest, newest, must-have trinket. Here's what we found in the stash this year.

Jeep Corp. has decided to up the ante over the Rubicon-model Wranglers. The new program is called ORT (Off Road Technology). It will be to the off-road industry what the SRT program is to the street guys. This four-door JK is just an idea of what an off-the-lot Jeep could be. This concept version includes a winch, heavy-duty bumpers, painted flares and top, and a few other doodads to set it apart from the standard lot Wranglers.

Information: Visit or wrestle your local dealer for more details.

Meet the new BFGoodrich Mud Terrain that should be available this fall. It looks kinda like the Krawler, only it's said to be more streetable. It should also perform better in ice and snow, thanks to the small groves in the tread blocks. It's rumored to have an even tougher sidewall, and word on the street is new sizes--as in bigger. We should be rolling an early set through some brutal testing right about when you finish reading this sentence.

Information: BFGoodrich; 877/788-8899,

JKS combined its ACOS adjustable coil spacer and a hydraulic bumpstop to get this cool widget. You can adjust your TJ's ride height and bumpstop location independently of each other with this item. Plus, it helps absorb the heavy hits better than a factory solid bumpstop. Installation requires no welding, just some trimming and hole drilling.

Information: JKS Manufacturing; 308/762-6949,

If your factory Jeep powerplant isn't enough, Burnsville Off Road offers complete Hemi 6.1L swaps. You'll also find the 5.7L Hemi, 4.7L Jeep V-8, and both the 2.8L CRD and 3.0L CRD diesels in the realm of Burnsville's vocabulary. And if none of those suit your needs, you can have Burnsville Off Road stuff a 505hp, 8.3L Viper V-10 under the hood!

Information: Burnsville Off Road; 952/890-3990,

Stage 8 Locking Fasteners specializes in keeping all sorts of automotive hardware tight. The company redesigned the spindle nut system to do away with the problematic jam nuts and came up with the X-Lock. It's made from laser-cut 4130 chromoly and maintains wheel-bearing preload. Kits are available for Dana 44 and 60 front axles.

Information: Stage 8 Locking Fasteners; 800/843-7836,

Poly Performance is stepping way out of the trinkets and widgets biz and is now punching out sleek and durable yet lightweight JK rockers, bumpers, and other sick metalwork--even full bolt-on and custom weld-on suspension kits for TJ and JK Jeeps.

Information: Poly Performance; 805/783-2060,

Jp Magazine's own dyno tests showed no change with a filter swap alone, but there were noticeable increases with an improved intake tube on the 4.0L. You can't deny the Banks Power Ram-Air system comes with the largest intake tube in the industry. Smoother airflow means more power potential for your Jeep's inline-six.

Information: Banks Power; 888/294-4977,

The people at Jeep have been listening! At least the engineers really do want to build a Jeep pickup. The powers that be just need a little convincing. This latest version is based on the four-door U.S. JK and features a 5-foot bed. It's been fitted with overseas JK truck body sides and a custom top, making it the Wrangler JT concept Jeep. Unlike the Gladiator concept, word is this one could be very doable for the Jeep factory to build.

Information: Beat down the doors at your local Jeep dealer or go to

Wanna kick up the power in your '00-'06 4.0L Wrangler or '00-'01Cherokee? Along with a full turbo lineup for nearly all late-model Jeeps, 505 Performance now offers a supercharger kit. The kit will come complete with a supercharger, a new intake, a fuel-management unit, a timing module, 30-pound injectors, and a cold-air intake.

Information: 505 Performance; 505/333-2600,

Adventure Innovations gave us a sneak peek at the '07 Wrangler 3.8L supercharger kit weeks earlier, but we promised to keep our mouths shut until now. The centrifugal supercharger tucks neatly between the front of the engine and the electric fan and adds some real go-fast to the JK V-6.

Information: Adventure Innovations: 805/322-7001 (ext. 101),

Painless Performance has taken the nightmare out of wiring the 4.0L Jeep engine into nearly any vehicle. The company is now offering a complete wiring harness and GM-style computer controller for the most popular Jeep engine ever. Now you can upgrade that old CJ or four-banger Wrangler with an injected 4.0L in no time.

Information: Painless Performance; 817/244-6212,

Wanna upgrade your Jeep project with brand-new '07 Wrangler Rubicon Dana 44 axle assemblies with JK brakes and suspension brackets already installed? Now you can order the JK axles complete with lockers directly from Mopar Performance. Three different assemblies are available: the 30-spline JK front with 4.10 gears and a selectable locker (P5153825), the 32-spline rear with 4.10 gears and a selectable locker (P5153826), and a 30-spline rear with 4.10 gears and a limited-slip (P5153827).

Information: Mopar Performance; or go to your local Jeep dealer for more details.


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