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Fresh Jeep Parts - New Products

Posted in Product Reviews on November 1, 2007 Comment (0)
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If you're running a higher-compression engine or a supercharger and just can't get the pinging to go away, regardless of what fuel you're using, Snow Performance might have the solution for you. Snow's water/methanol injection lowers intake-charge temperatures through water's high latent heat of vaporization while the methanol acts as a potent octane booster, resulting in more power, and in many cases, more boost or timing.Information: Snow Performance; 866/365-2762,

Vibration-proof, heat-resistant, 316 stainless steel wedge lock washers, and high-strength stainless steel ARP bolts. Pick a trait for a header bolt, and odds are you've wanted one of the above attributes. The Total-Locs from Totally Stainless feature not one or two of those things, but all of them. These are the last header bolts you will ever need. Information: Totally Stainless; 800/767-4781,

We think this would be a great prank to pull on your Jeep buddies. Get one or more of the Korupt Kittens and place them on the antenna of their Jeep while they aren't looking. Featuring a selection of different kittens with bios for each one, you can personalize many Jeeps without a problem. Information: Korupt Kittens, LLC; 888/567-8781

Sure, engine-driven air compressors are cool, but what about the other two or 10 Jeeps? The engine-driven compressor is only good for the Jeep it's installed in. Well, now Viair offers a self-contained kit that can be taken from Jeep to Jeep. This kit features a gas-station-style filling gun with an accurate gauge for an all-in-one solution. Information: Viair; 949/582-6868,

If you're tired of the search for soft top parts when spring rolls around or just don't want to get your windows beaten up over the winter storage anymore, check out the TJ Top Caddy. It's a six-piece, solid-maple soft top storage for soft upper halves, B-pillars, and rear quarter windows for '97-'06 Jeep Wranglers. Information: TJ Top Caddy; 877/777-7394,

New from Solid Axle Industries is a new Dana 60 kingpin inner and outer knuckle setup. The inner is machined from a solid chunk of nodular iron and weighs in at 17 pounds each; the outers are 24 pounds each-plenty of beef here. The outer also features an integral keyway for high-steer arms to foil the immense high shear loads these parts see. Information: Solid Axle Industries; 330/538-9791,


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