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Jeep Parts Wish List - Holiday Gift Guide

Posted in Product Reviews on January 1, 2008 Comment (0)
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Built upon a brand-new GM ZZ short-block, this 350ci crate is hand-assembled by in-house Edelbrock technicians. The heart of the performance is the Edelbrock Total Power Package that includes: E-Tec 170 heads, an RPM roller camshaft, an RPM Vortec blower intake manifold, a Magnuson MP122 Supercharger unit, and an 800-cfm Thunder Series carburetor. The end result is 9.5:1 compression, 507 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque.

Information: Edelbrock; 800/416-8628,

M.O.R.E. has the answer for the common 4.0L motor-mount problem of either shearing the bolts or the bolts falling out of the factory block brackets (possibly causing damage to the block). These new brackets use existing threaded holes in the block, and with most applications, will grab four additional holes. All brackets come unfinished in bare steel.

Information: M.O.R.E.; 970/625-0500,

The HB1 hand-held flashlight produces a stunning 5,590 lumens of pure white light (a Jeep's high beams produce approximately 2,000 lumens). The light uses an HID bulb, runs lithium batteries, and has a rhodium-plated reflector. Not only that, it's waterproof, features the tightest tolerances, and is made from high-quality aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum.

Information: Group 5 Engineering, Inc.;

It's no secret that we like the Daystar YJ and TJ body lifts. With 1-inch-taller polyurethane mounts, they're the bee's knees. The new JK body lift from Daystar features the same polyurethane construction and allows for up to a 35-inch tire with some trimming and no lift.

Information: Daystar; 800/595-7659,

We all want (or have wanted) an LS-series GM small-block in our Jeeps at one point or another. Often, we're scared off because of problems controlling the engine. No more. From GM Performance Parts comes a controller kit for LS2, LS3, and LS7 Crate Engines that enables the user to plug in the included harness to the computer and the new controller to start the engine. The kit includes an accelerator pedal compatible with the electronic throttle, O2 sensors, and MAF sensors.

Information: GM Performance Parts; 800/577-6888,

OK, so they're over-the-top, but they're top-notch bumpers, and if we wanted a bumper that was capable of actually bumping repeatedly, we'd go with Fab Fours' offering. This one is for the front of a JK, but all of Fab Fours' bumpers feature 31/416-inch bent and welded plate, high-tolerance design and construction, signature "knife-edge" impact surface, and 31/44-inch D-ring mounts.

Information: Fab Fours; 866/385-1905,

New from T&T Customs is a non-jig-required mounting solution for front axles in XJs, TJs, or ZJs. It's as easy as putting the axle on jackstands, setting your pinion angle, setting the truss angle with attached mounts, sliding the coil buckets up against the truss, and putting on the lower arm mounts. Use of a grinder, a welder, and an angle-finder is all that's needed.

Information: T&T Customs; 307/775-9565,

For years now, we've been complaining to anyone who wouldn't walk away about how difficult the Jeep hardtop is to remove. Sure, there are hoists, but that requires a secure area tall enough to get the Jeep into, which many of us don't have. Now Colorado Jeep Man has come up with an ingenious way to pull the hardtop off by yourself, and be able to store it anywhere with a door big enough to wheel it through. The JK Hard Top Removal & Storage system is a lot like an engine hoist, but it lifts from the bottom and folds down to fit better in tight areas.

Information: Colorado Jeep Man;

All these years we've been making huge loops in heater hose so it wouldn't kink. Don't even get us started on the formed bypass hose that AMC V-8s require. The Unicoil solves kinked hose problems-from 1/4-inch to 1-inch diameter. It's simple, with a complete stainless construction, and they're hand-bendable. We wish we had some of these in our toolbox sooner.

Information: Unicoil International;+61 8 9433 3718,

If you're the kind of person who gets his Jeep into tight situations, normal tube fenders might not work for you-not to mention tubular flares that stick even farther off the body. Sometimes you need every inch of clearance or just want better visibility down by the front of the Jeep. Look no further than Gen-Right Off Road's new Boulder Series Tube Fenders. With a tapered design that hugs the contours of the hood, you don't have to worry about collateral damage from tube flares getting whacked off rocks or trees.

Information: Gen-Right Off Road; 805/584-8635,

We've been in a lot of Jeeps, and there isn't a single one that couldn't use some more insulation on the floor to keep interior temperatures more comfortable. The Thermo Guard FR is a 100 percent synthetic fiber-foil felt that gives quality sound and comfort control. It blocks more than 90 percent of radiant heat for an awesome drop in interior temps, and handles mud and water with aplomb.

Information: Thermo-Tec Automotive Products; 800/274-8437,

It looks and drives like a Jeep, but it also swims like a boat. The Gator from WaterCar looks a lot like a Jeep, but has the ability to not only float but haul ass in the water. The Gator accepts a wide variety of engines-from Volkswagen to Corvette, and likely, even a Jeep engine-it can be driven to the boat ramp, launch itself, and tool around in the water like it was meant to be there.

Information: WaterCar;

We just think this hydraulic table from Harbor Freight is cool. Use it as a workbench, a transmission jack, a portable tool table, or even a differential lift. Its lifting range is from 13-50 inches, can lift up to 770 pounds, and is 35 inches long by 20 inches wide. The part number is 41145-1VGA.

Information: Harbor Freight Tools; 800/444-3353,

With the Pipemaster, there will never be any need for ordering 20 percent additional tubing again. If you have any problems with notching tube for 'cages or bumpers, you need this tool. Tools are available to fit over tube from 1/2-12 inches in diameter, and it conforms to any angle you might need to notch at.

Information: Pipe Master Tools; 360/668-3291,

If you've done some work to your engine, you're probably ready for some higher-flow aftermarket injectors. The problem is many aftermarket high-flow injectors only flow well when they are wide open, and the engine requires a lot of fuel. At part-throttle or low-load conditions, they might not do so well. Not the Edge Jammer Gas Injectors. They feature not only wide-open flow but exceptional idle, off idle, and part-throttle response.

Information: Edge Products; 888/360-3343,

New from Miller Products is a CB mount for the TJ that neither you nor your passenger will be smacking knees on. It requires no drilling and includes a microphone mounting bracket. It works with the Cobra 19XIV, Uniden Pro 510XL, and other compact CBs with a max 5-inch width and 7-inch depth.

Information: MillerProducts; 817/447-4544,

The Extreme Duty Differential Covers from Great Lake Offroad are available for many common Jeep axles. Add the 1/2-inch mid-plating ring option, and you won't have to worry about your ring-and-pinion ever again. The leaf springs or control arms holding your axle under your Jeep will give before these diff covers.

Information: Great Lake Offroad; 260/387-1428,

This is for the Jeep with a small-block Chevy already installed. If you're getting tired of the V-8 performance and want a kick, this is it. The Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger features a fifth-generation MP122 Supercharger assembly-all pulleys, brackets ,and hardware included-with more than 12 part numbers for '55-'86 small-block Chevy, Vortec, and E-Tec head applications.

Information: Edelbrock; 800/416-8628,


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