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Jeep Accessories - New Products

Hobart Airforce 250ci
Pete Trasborg
| Brand Manager, Jp
Posted April 1, 2008

It doesn't matter what we call this New Products release, we think you will agree that you've just gottahaveit. The AirForce 250ci from Hobart Welding Products runs on 115 VAC, has a built-in compressor, can cut 1/8-inch mild steel (Jeep frames), and can sever 1/4-inch steel. With plasma comes a faster and more precise cut than with an oxy-acetylene torch, and this unit just requires a regular household outlet to cut anywhere.

Information: Hobart Welders; 800/626-9420,

With two electric air compressors, Viair's new Dual Onboard Air Systems put out enough air to run air tools, seat tire beads, and still run your air lockers. The kits include the dual compressors, a 2-gallon tank with six-ports, a dash panel monitor, and all required relays and wiring for a seamless install. There is also a 200-psi inline regulator, blow gun, tire-inflation gun, and a coiled hose for ease of storage.

Information: Viair Corporation; 949/582-6868,

The new Outback line of winches from T-Max are available in 9,000-, 10,000-, 12,500-, and 15,000-pound capacities. The failure-prone solenoids have been replaced with a solid-state system that works wirelessly up to 200 feet away and features a joystick design that's more intuitive to use. All gears are heat-treated machined steel, and all moving parts ride on bearings.

Information: T-Max Industries; 877/862-8629,

With so many companies now putting limitations on lifetime warranties (or not even offering one on some tools), it's nice to see a company that has a real lifetime warranty. K-Tool has released a 44-piece socket set that includes 1/4- and 3/8-inch drive ratchets and sockets, exclusive six-point sockets, and a blow-molded case.

Information: K-Tool International; 800/762-6002,

If you haven't heard of Davis Unified Ignition (DUI) by now, we feel sorry for your Jeep. The company manufactures high-output, complete distributors for Jeeps. With a one-wire hookup, a 50,000-volt coil, and a high-output Dyna Module under the cap, all you've got to do is run a switched positive to it and enjoy the newfound power for your '83-and-later, non-computer-controlled, four-cylinder Jeep.

Information:Performance Distributors; 901/396-5782,

If you're building a dedicated wheeling Jeep and want to ditch the loose tilt column without losing the tilt function, this is for you. The adjustable steering-column mount from Poly Performance is available in three models with up to 38 degrees of tilt. It's cut from 1/8-inch steel and uses a standard 3/4-inch shaft size with a high-grade MDS-filled nylon bushing for smooth steering wheel motion.

Information: Poly Performance; 805/783-2060,

Finally, tire gauges that can go off-road and read the pressure in the tires accurately. With large and small gauges that are water-filled and have various pressure ranges (0-15, 0-30, 0-60 psi, and so on), you can now get a gauge that fits your Jeep for the air pressure you actually run in your tires. No more guessing what psi you're at because every little tick is 2 or 5 psi.

Information: Intercomp; 800/328-3336,

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