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SEMA 2007 New Products - Wonder Widgets

Flip A Stak
John Cappa | Writer
Posted April 1, 2008

The latest dohickys and gadgets we spotted at the SEMA show

The specialty equipment Market association (SEMA) show held near the end of every year in las Vegas, nevada, is to automotive enthusiasts what the pacific northwest is to hippies.

Except that at SEMA, most people here bathe and bring hot chicks and the latest in aftermarket garbage and coolness. Wanna see a worthless JK sporting 26-inch wheels and 30-series tires? it's here. You'll also find Jeeps shod with lifts, 37-inch rubber, and Hemi engines. it's all on the seMa floors. and for some extra curricular images of the girls at SEMA, go to

The replace-a-Case from stack 4x4 utilizes all the internals from a dana 300 gear-driven transfer case in a driver-side-drop application. it's perfect for newermodel Jeeps looking for slightly more transfer-case beef over the stock np231.

Information: stak 4x4, 915/584-2400,

Sony electronics introduced its CdX-H905ip marine splash-proof Cd receiver with ipod direct-control function. it'll let you listen to your favorite tunes even if you're topless and rockerdeep in rain or mud.

Information: sony electronics, 800/222-sonY,

Fast now offers a complete plug-and-play V-8 tBi system with smart, self-tuning technology for reliable and consistent performance. it's perfect for engine swaps or stumbling carbureted aMC V-8s.

Information: Fast, 901/260-Fast,

The TVK industries illuminated surematic shift knob and shifter for auto trannys makes shifting into the correct gear an easy task.

Information: tVK industries, 707/886-5003,

Currie enterprises has smooth riding adjustable swaybar replacements for the front and rear of the '07-up JK Wrangler. the new swaybars provide unrestricted suspension movement on- and off-road and allow the Jeep's weight to be distributed to all four tires. Heavy-duty track bars are also available for the JK.

Information: Currie enterprises, 714/528-6957,

Got tube doors? rancho does for your JK Wrangler. Bolt-in models are available for two- and four-door late-model Wranglers.

Information: rancho, 734/384-7804,

If you're looking for Wrangler replacement axles with strength, ground clearance, and durability that work with your new Jeep's stability control and aBs systems, you need to look into the dynatrac JK series prorock 60. the axles come complete with all the brackets welded in place for a simple bolt-on install.

Information: dynatrac, 714/596-4461,

Need an engine wiring harness for a swapped-in 4.0l Jeep? How about for an '03-'07 5.9l Cummins? now, painless performance has complete plug-and-play wiring for these powerplants!

Information: painless performance products, 817/244-6212,

The lowrance Xog Crossnavigation gps is perfect for openroad or off-road. it's weatherproof and combines turn-by-turn navigation and outdoor mapping.

Information: lowrance, 918/437-6881,

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